How to Choose the Perfect Pillow

Tossing and turning? Can't sleep? You might need a different pillow! Check out the Domestic CEO's 5 tips on how to pick the perfect pillow for your bed.

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Choose the Right Support

No matter which type of filling you choose, the way it’s packed makes a difference in how the pillow feels. Filling that’s stuffed tightly into the cover makes for a firmer pillow. Less filling means a softer, looser feel to the pillow. Again, this is a personal choice.

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If looking at pillows in the store makes it tough to choose the right one for you, many mattress showrooms allow you to try out different pillows before purchasing. This may be a worthwhile investment of time. I know I’ve purchased a few pillows that ended up being something I didn’t really like, only to return to the store in search a better option.

Consider Your Sleep Position

The way you sleep will affect the height of your pillow. Your main sleeping position very much plays into choosing the correct pillow height. If you sleep on your back or stomach, choose a flatter pillow. This will help keep your neck aligned properly. If you’re a side sleeper, opt for a loftier pillow, which fills the gap between your head and neck. Again, better support means a deeper sleep and no waking with a stiff neck or headache.

Consider Any Special Needs

There are pillows that cater to sleepers with special needs like allergies or snoring. If you’ve got allergies, you may want to purchase a pillow made with special fillings and covers to keep away dust and mites. If you snore (or your bedmate snores) there are pillows shaped to position the head and neck in a way that prevents the airway from becoming compressed which in turn, reduces snoring. You may want to give it a try. It may just save a marriage!!

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I hope these tips help you choose the perfect pillow to get your 40 winks. There’s nothing like a great night’s sleep to make your day much better.

Are you wondering what to do with your old, reject pillows? How about a great random pillow fight? Just for fun, here’s a video of an awesome pillow fight prank that will get you laughing.

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