How to Iron Pocket Flaps

A wrinkly pocket flap can make your polished look flop. Domestic CEO shares tips on ironing pocket flaps in an exclusive video. 

Amanda Thomas,

How to Iron Pockets

Nothing ruins the view of your behind like having the flaps of your pockets on your pants or shorts being all messed up. You can look entirely put together, but if those flaps are wrinkly or sticking out, it will have people looking at your derrière for all the wrong reasons. I have a favorite pair of white shorts that I love to wear all summer long, and they have flaps. I do my best to smooth the flaps down right when the shorts come out of the dryer, but sometimes that’s not enough to keep them looking smooth. They need a little ironing.

If you are looking for tips on how to iron pocket flaps quickly and efficiently, check out the video below. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on ironing pocket flaps if you follow this technique, which means you have more dazzle people with your view from behind!


How to Iron Pocket Flaps

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