The Secret to a Clean Bathroom

A sneak peek into the Domestic CEO’s home—plus, a super-easy secret weapon against bathroom clutter!

Amanda Thomas
2-minute read

The Secret to a Clean Bathroom

I got a ton of reader and listener feedback on my episode How to Clean Your Bathroom Without Cleaning. Some folks didn’t believe that it could be done! So I thought I would show a few examples from my own bathroom. I’ll focus on the counters, because a clean counter is the key to your entire bathroom looking clean.

Amazingly, it was not my idea to keep the bathroom counters neat. Like most women, my bathroom counter got overrun with products and tools. Things were all over the place and even encroached upon my husband’s half of the counter. It was his gentle complaining that got me into the habit of putting everything away before I left each morning, and I couldn’t be happier with my new habit.

Look how much cleaner the bathroom looks already, just by clearing off the counter clutter!

Once I had that habit down, I started with my rolled towels. After all, if the counter is cleaned off, why not take a quick swipe at the water spots and make-up powder as well? You don’t need to do this every day, but that’s not the point. The point is that when the counter is clean and I have an extra 30 seconds before I rush out to work, I take one of my little towels, dribble a little water on it, and quickly clean up the mirror and counter without having to go get the glass cleaner, surface cleaner, and cleaning rags. These little rolled towels just go into our normal laundry bin after they’ve been used.

Bonus tip: If you use fabric softener, you may want to wash these little towels separately from the rest of your laundry. Using fabric softener and dryer sheets will leave a film on the towels that will make your mirrors streaky. So wash them separately, or ditch the fabric softener altogether and use a dryer ball instead. I like this one from Gaiam.

Or just throw in a few new tennis balls into your dryer to soften your clothes without the chemical residue.

I hope this sneak peak inspires you to keep a cleaner bathroom, and maybe even ditch a few of those cleaning chemicals!


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