The Magic of Microfiber

Have you discovered the magic of microfiber yet? If not, the Domestic CEO has 4 tips to use microfiber towels to quickly and easily clean your home – and save money in the process.

Amanda Thomas
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Episode #62

The Magic of Microfiber

If you are into green cleaning options, there is no better product to have in your home than microfiber towels. These mighty towels can work magic in pretty much every room of your home, including your garage. What makes them so amazing is how they are made. The term microfiber means that the towel is made of a synthetic material, typically a polyester blend, and the fibers are super fine. Microfiber is typically 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, and each fiber is split repeatedly during the manufacturing process to give it even more surface area. This incredible amount of surface area means that it has the power to pick up a ridiculous amount of dust, water, and even germs.

Microfiber towels are available in a wide range of prices. You can purchase them from specific brands and websites that have different types of towels for specific tasks. Or, you can do what I do and go to the automotive area of your local warehouse store and pick up a huge pack of them for much less. We use them when for our Moxie Girl housekeeping clients, and I also use them all over my own house.

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If you haven’t started using microfiber in your home, you soon won’t know how you survived without it. In today’s episode you’ll learn the top 4 ways you can use microfiber towels in different areas of your home to save you time, and even money, on your house cleaning.

Tip #1: Use Microfiber Towels in Living Areas

Hands down, there is no better product to use when dusting than a microfiber towel. Because of all those super-fine fibers, the microfiber towel picks up virtually every speck of dust from your wood furniture. You can use it dry, no water needed. When the towel gets full, simply take it outside and shake it out and continue to use the same towel. You can also get the microfiber towel slightly damp in one corner if you have any grime to clean up during your dusting. I typically add a little water to my microfiber towel so I can easily wipe away water rings from our tables and dirty hand smudges from our doors and light switches as I’m clearing the dust.

Tip #2: Use Microfiber Towels to Clean Glass

This tip was life changing for me. I used to use a lot of glass cleaner. Anytime I cleaned a mirror, glass table, or window, I was always spraying glass cleaner. One day someone showed me how a microfiber towel can clean glass all by itself without glass cleaner. It knocked my socks off! Now, when I am cleaning any glass surface, I just use a damp microfiber towel. The trick is to only apply a little water to part of the towel and leave another section completely dry. I fold my towel in half, then in half again and apply a little dribble of water to one of the exposed sections of towel. This helps keep the other side completely dry because there are 2 other layers of fabric between the two sides. When cleaning any glass, simply wipe it first with the damp side to remove any streaks, spots, or gunk. You might need to wipe over tough spots like toothpaste splatter a couple times, but you don’t need to do a lot of scrubbing because the microfiber does it for you. Once you have wiped the surface with the damp side, simply flip your folded towel over and buff the glass dry with the dry side. It will look amazing and save you tons on glass cleaner over the years.

Tip #3: Use Microfiber Towels in the Kitchen

Microfiber towels are great to use in the kitchen. Their millions of fibers ensure that you won’t miss a single crumb when wiping down your counters. They also do the tough work when you clean up dried on food gunk from counters, cabinets, and stove tops. Simply get the towel damp and rub it over the dried-on gunk. As the water works its way into the residue, the towel grabs the pieces and pulls them off the surface. And because the towels are super soft, you can feel safe knowing the towels aren’t going to scratch any delicate surfaces. Just make sure to shake out any hard pieces you pick up so the debris doesn’t scratch anything.

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Tip #4: Use Microfiber Towels in the Garage

Yes, these durable towels can even cross into the garage with their amazing cleaning power! I almost always have a microfiber towel in my car for quick cleanups. You know that haze that forms on your windshield and blinds you when the sun shines in? Or those nose prints left over by your four-legged friend who loves to go on road trips and stick his head out the window? Use the same glass cleaning technique that I mentioned in Tip #2 to easily clean your car’s glass surfaces. Just dribble a little water onto the towel to give it extra cleaning power.

I also use my microfiber towel to wipe down my dashboard when I’m stuck at stop lights or while in between appointments in my car. If I have 20 seconds, I can get everything within arm’s reach clean.

Finally – and this one really blew my mind – you can use just microfiber towels and water to clean the outside of a car. Take the car section by section and spray it down with water. Use the super-absorbent microfiber towel to scrub away dead bugs and wipe it dry at the same time. Just be super careful to spray the car down really well so you don’t accidently leave scratches on your car by accidentally picking up a small rock in your towel.

Those are just a few examples of how you can use microfiber towels to clean inside and outside of your home. The last tip I have is how to care for your microfiber towels. The first thing to know is that fabric softener and dryer sheets are the enemy of microfiber. They clog the fibers, which really inhibits their ability to pick up dust and grime. Also, if you use fabric softener or dryer sheets on your microfiber towels, it will leave a greasy film on the towels that will streak the heck out of any glass you try to clean after that. Microfiber towels shouldn’t be dried like normal towels. Because they are a synthetic blend, high heat can damage them, so dry your towels with no or low heat and for a very short amount of time. If you want to play it safe, you can even just hang dry them instead of tossing them in the dryer.

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