5 Interior Design Upgrades for 2021

The easing of COVID-19 restrictions has homeowners ready for some bold changes as we wrap up summer 2021. If you are planning your own interior design upgrades for the coming season, the 5 ideas listed below are sure bets to keep you in line with the latest trends.

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With the changing of every season comes subtle shifts in interior design sensibilities. However, with the gradual easing of COVID-19 restrictions, summer 2021 was set to see an explosion of creativity in home interiors that will make your home truly unique. If you are feeling ready for a change, take a look at the following 5 interior design upgrades that were a hit in summer 2021.

1. Natural elements

Although the COVID-19 pandemic spurred the desire to add more natural elements to a home’s interior as a means of creating diversity in living spaces, there is something uniquely summer about bringing a little nature indoors. Whether it is something simple like adding a couple of plants to a corner of the living room or incorporating a full scale living wall to make nature a more intense element of your interior decor, homeowners scrambled to bring the outdoors in during summer 2021.

When creating a natural feel for your home’s interior, there is no denying wood’s power to make the look complete. Effective ways to employ wood are through accent beams in the ceiling, shelving in the kitchen and bathroom, and, of course, in flooring materials. When speaking of wood floors, if the classic, natural appearance of solid hardwood is a bit out of your price range, there are numerous faux hardwood flooring options, such as wood-look tile, luxury vinyl, and engineered hardwood, that mirror the solid hardwood appearance while maintaining its outstanding durability.

2. Less is less

There is no denying the classic, elegant appearance of a minimalist interior. White furniture; spacious, airy spaces; and sparsely adorned walls are unlikely to ever go away completely, as there is just something about the minimalist look that conveys a sense of “adulting.”

However, minimalism is no longer the end-all, be-all for interior design schemes. Stuck at home for more than a year, some people began to go a bit stir crazy in their sparse surroundings, creating a trend toward busier interiors that gained a full head of steam heading into summer 2021.

While clutter and chaos may never be cool, people are pulling long-lost accessories out of the attic to add an element of visual intrigue to their home interiors. Collectibles traditionally reserved for the corners of bookcases are stylishly adorning surfaces throughout the house as people look to add dimension to their living spaces.

In addition, the increase in remote work conferences has caused homeowners to turn to accessories as a means of creating stylized backdrops that help them convey their unique personality.

3. Wallpaper galore

Wallpaper has long gotten a bad rap as being tacky, reserved for your great-aunt’s seldom-visited guest room. However, wallpaper has increasingly made a comeback in recent years, with summer 2021 called the season of wallpaper mania.

With pandemic restrictions finally appearing to subside, people are ready to let all of their pent-up feelings explode, and wallpaper is an effective way for homeowners and renters on all types of budgets to make that drastic change for which everybody is so ready. Wallpaper is popping up on ceilings, bookcases, and accent walls.

Wallpaper is an especially effective choice for making a bold statement as a teleconference backdrop.

The best part about the wallpaper trend is that it will not take heavy investment to move away from should interest subside in coming years. Innovative wallpaper adhesives make for an easily strippable finish, allowing homeowners to remove their wallpaper with minimal damage and keep surfaces set for the next interior design trend.

4. Let the light shine

Environmentally friendly features continue to be a top priority heading out of summer 2021, with passive houses that let the sun replace manufactured energy needs highly desirable commodities on the real estate market.

In order to let the sun shine throughout their interiors, homeowners are tearing down traditional walls and turning to customizable glass partitions to help section off areas of the home.

In terms of indoor door styles, glass paned doors maintain the home’s natural light concept while adding some privacy and noise reduction, while sliding glass pocket doors are a preferred choice for home offices for these same reasons.

5. Cleanable materials

Even as pandemic restrictions subside as we move toward autumn, the best practices that have come to light as a result of the pandemic are likely here to stay. Specifically, people in all walks of life will continue to have a heightened awareness of cleaning frequently touched surfaces.

As a result, homeowners are designing their interiors with easy-to-clean materials with the durability to withstand frequent disinfecting efforts. Black bathroom fixture options, nonporous quartz countertops, and bleach-cleanable fabrics are some popular choices arising from this heightened hygiene trend.