5 Ways to Update Your Childhood Bedroom

If you've had to move back in to your childhood home after college or your first job, your childhood bedroom could probably use an upgrade. Let's discuss a few key aspects to focus on. 

Albert Cooper, Partner
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Due to the pandemic, many adult “children” were forced to move back with their parents. People who had assumed they would never stay with their parents again were now working from their childhood bedroom. As work and school became remote, many adults found themselves in the same bed that they had their first sleepover in.

While there is nothing wrong with living with your parents, it is probably a good idea to update that childhood bedroom. Here are some great ways to make your childhood bedroom a little more of an adult room:

Paint it

Maybe you had a horrendously bright blue situation from the 2nd grade going on, or your mom couldn’t let the flower wallpaper go, but both issues require the same solution: a new coat of paint. Nothing changes a room quite as quickly as some paint, and it can be difficult to choose the right color, but a fresh coat of paint will transform your kiddy dungeon into an adult bedroom. It is an inexpensive way to change the mood of your room, with most buckets of painting going for $30.

Finding the right color of wall paint to fit your vibe will go a long way in your room makeover.

Add a large mirror

Work may be from home, but you are an adult. You still need to look presentable, and you still need to check your outfits. Getting a large mirror is both tasteful and practical. A large mirror will open up the room and do wonders for your highly limited space. Remove whatever stickers are on your $10 Target Mirror and invest in a large hardy piece.

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Bonus: If you invest now, you can take it with you when you move out! 

Getting to see your whole body when doing a “fit check” is also a big plus.

Upgrade your bedding

You are an adult, and adults do not sleep on twin-size sleepers. If you have a twin, ditch it. If you don’t, boost the Star War sheets. Adults have access to adult money which means spending a little extra cash for bedding is possible and even encouraged when living off your parents. Humans spend ⅓ of their lives sleeping, so increase the quality of your mattress, bed, and sheets. You will be spending a lot of time there.

Spending a little more money on your sheets may pay you back with great sleep and high-quality rest.

A mattress is one of the few furniture pieces that need investment. Your quality of sleep should be one of the most important parts of your life, so don’t cheap out on the mattress. Figure out what type of firmness is your favorite, and figure out if you’re a hot or cold sleeper. Everyone is different, so everyone’s perfect bed is also different.

Regardless of your preference, everyone would benefit from a high thread count non-cartoon themed sheets as an adult.

Wall decor

You are likely in your 20s if you have finished school and are living with your parents. This means you have lived a little, and there are things you care about, so use your wall space to express it. Adults have highly individualistic homes that are a reflection of themselves. You want your bedroom walls to reflect you. This can mean buying a piece of art that inspires you and that you personally enjoy observing.

Maybe you’re a little less artsy and want funky city vibes. According to Bakers Signs, a maker of custom neon signs in Houston, neon signage is a popular room design trend and they are readily available from multiple resellers. Neon signs are popular because they are visually appealing and very customizable, which makes them the perfect adult decoration. And any adult that is worth their weight in interior design knows a good neon sign creates optimal ambient lighting.

Neon signs are also energy efficient with a long lifespan, so you can also consider yourself an eco-conscious decorator.


Last but certainly not least is adding entertainment to your room. This can be a tv or a projector, but you want to be able to watch your shows and videos on something that isn’t a laptop. Adding an entertainment situation can make your room feel more like a home, and it will also completely change your entertainment experience. This is also a great choice for adults who can never seem to get out of bed.

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Remember that decorations are incredibly individualistic, and also make sure to have fun during your room transformation.

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