6 Easy Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Facelift

Is your dull bedroom bumming you out? Redecorate and upgrade your bed from your headboard to your linens using these interior design hacks and watch your room transform right before your eyes. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Dress Up Your Comforter

If you love the look of lace, add some to your bedroom or guest room with this inexpensive trick. Buy a rectangular lace tablecloth that is 70-by-90 inches, and you can place it directly on top of your existing comforter. You’ll have friends asking how you could afford to dress up your bed with lace!

DIY Headboard

To perk up your bedroom with a splash of color, get crafty with a DIY faux-headboard. Find a colorful sheet that complements the décor of your room; any fabric will work, so consider cotton, linen, velvet, and even fur! First, consider the width of your bed; a headboard should be slightly wider than your mattress. Then decide what style of headboard you like best, and cut your fabric to the right size and shape. Either wrap your fabric around a foam base and hang it on the wall, or hang it up on its own.

DIY Dust Ruffle

A dust ruffle is one item that can safely be consigned to the “things you really don’t need” category—unless you’re trying to hide everything you’ve stored under the bed. Make your own with a sheet or tablecloth. Only the sides of the bed that show need to have something hanging down over them. A more streamlined option is simply to cover the box spring with a fitted sheet.

Freshen Your Mattress

It’s easy to toss bed sheets and mattress covers in the wash, but the mattress itself can be trickier to keep clean. To freshen up and kill any foul odors on your mattress, add a tablespoon each of liquid fabric softener and baking soda to a spray bottle filled with water, and spritz the mixture on your mattress. Your mattress will smell better than new!

Fluff Your Pillows

To make them fluffy and fresh, just place them in the clothes dryer with fabric softener and two clean tennis balls for a few minutes.

Whiten Old Linens

White sheets can turn yellow for any number of reasons—detergents, plastic storage containers, the oils in your skin, or simply old age. To whiten old linens, soak them for eight hours in a large stainless steel pot of boiling water with ¼ cup dishwasher detergent. Rinse and wash as usual. The whitening powers of the dishwasher soap will restore the brightness to your whites.

Scent Your Linens

Salt is a miracle worker when it comes to removing linen stains; and if you use scented salts in your laundry, you’ll get the extra bonus of lovely-smelling sheets. Add ¼ cup scented bath salts during your washing machine’s rinse cycle. Not only will your sheets smell great, but the salt acts like a starch to keep them extra crisp. Just make sure not to use bath salts with dyes.

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