6 Simple Tips to Revamp Any Room

Boring room? Redecorate and bring your dull room it to life with string lights, coffee table books, and more with these simple interior design hacks. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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SimpleTipstoRevampAnyRoomAny room can feel fresh and new with a little bit of creativity and elbow grease. 

How To Light Up A Room

If you have the interior decorating bug, but don’t have much to spend on home accents, here’s an easy way to add ambience: use Christmas lights. Great over a doorway, winding up a large houseplant, along a counter, or out on your patio, you’ll be surprised how many compliments you’ll get for this simple technique. Especially great to implement in January, when all the holiday decorations are half off!

Make Your Room Look Bigger (and Brighter!)

To make a ceiling look higher, all you need to do is change the lighting. Floor lamps that have the shade below the light bulb—like halogens—reflect the light onto the ceiling, which will make it look farther away.

Liven Up an Already-Bright Room

For a sunny room that gets a lot of light, try this neat decorating trick: Fill clear bottles with water and add food coloring, then place in the window sill. The sun will filter through them, casting brightly colored shades and shapes reminiscent of stained glass around the room.

Color Coordinate

You can easily create an attractive tabletop display by color-coordinating. Gather whatever objects you have that are the same color, and they’ll catch the eye more easily. If you have more than one space to fill, create different displays using different colors for each.

Table It

If you have a room whose decor seems disorganized or mishmash, place a dark brown or black piece of furniture, like a table, in the center. The darker item will attract the eye and focus people’s attention.

Read All About It

For something new and interesting to decorate your coffee table with, why not coffee table books? Choose a few of the most interesting ones from your collection and leave them out for visitors to peruse. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can also select a couple of random, heavy doo-dads to use as bookends.

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