9 Unique Wall Décor Ideas

Want to get creative with your blank walls? The Domestic CEO Amanda Thomas brings you 9 unique ideas to spruce up your home.

Amanda Thomas
4-minute read
Episode #160

When I was thinking about topics for this week’s episode, the idea of unique wall décor popped into my head. Then, I started thinking about all the cool things that my friends have on the walls of their homes. So, I asked a few of them to share their innovative ideas with me. To my creative friends, Jessi, Brandy, Karie, and Michelle, thank you for sharing your ideas and pictures with the Domestic CEO audience!.

If you are looking for some unique ways to decorate your walls, here are 9 examples to get your creative juices flowing!

1.) Chalkboards

One of the first wall décor items I thought of was the chalkboard in my friend Jessi’s kitchen. It hangs on the back of her kitchen door. At the top it has their “House Rules,” but the bottom has been used for everything from the grocery list to love messages to each other to art space for their young kids. The chalkboard changes often, so it’s something I love to check out every time I visit their home.

2.) Oversized Photo Prints

Most of us have our favorite pictures that we post on social media sites. Instead of hoping for them to blow up on social media, why not blow them up on large-scale printers? My friend, Brandy, took pictures of her two young boys and had a local office supply store print them off in black and white as large-scale prints. The printing is less expensive than having them printed at photo places, and you can make them the exact size for a frame. When you print, just make sure to have the highest picture quality possible to ensure your big pictures are still nice and clear!

3.) Functional Storage

My friend, Michelle, is an architect. This means she is super creative, but also super practical. And one thing in her home that I absolutely love is the way she incorporates functional storage into her wall décor. My favorites are the open shelves in her kitchen where she stores her matching glasses and coffee mugs. Yes, these items could be put behind cabinet doors, but why do that when they look so pretty out on shelves? This is a great idea for all homes, but especially smaller homes with limited storage space.

4.) Window Frames

One of the new trends in decorating actually uses very old items: antique window frames. My friend, Karie, has several old window frames in her office, and they are super cute! You can find old window frames at thrift stores and second-hand construction stores. When the glass is removed from the old frames, they are very light and can be painted to coordinate with any décor. The best part is that older, even slightly damaged frames add more character to a room. Plus, if you want to literally take a piece of your past with you, do like Brandy and her husband did. They kept a couple old window frames from their first house, which they remodeled to use as wall décor in their future homes.

5.) Clotheslines

I was already a huge fan of using clotheslines to display kid’s artwork, but Jessi gave me a completely new idea for a clothesline in her daughter’s room: baby clothes. She uses the clothesline to hang both some of her own baby clothes side by side with some favorite outfits her daughter has outgrown. It is such a cute idea to bring the past and present together in the décor!

6.) Quotes

Most people have a favorite quote, and most couples have a quote that they incorporated into their weddings. Some people have the quotes made into vinyl letters and stick them directly to the walls, but another fun way to incorporate those quotes into your wall décor is to make them in to a big piece of art like the one Brandy has in her house. It’s fairly simple—just get an inexpensive piece of plywood, stencil letters, and some spray paint. Paint the plywood a solid color, then lay the quote out using the stencil letters. Use a couple cans of spray paint to cover the plywood with a light marbling of color. When you remove the letters, the quote will shine through.

7.) Mixed Collages

I’ve talked about how to create photo collages before, but what my creative friends all agreed on was that mixed collages were much cuter to look at. By hanging photos next to kid’s artwork, and then adding a few mementos from years past, the collage can show more than just what you’ve looked like over the years: it shows your family’s history.

8.) Crafty Things

Jessi is one of the craftiest people I know, plus she’s an amazing preschool teacher, so it makes total sense that her kids’ playroom walls are decorated with a full-wall, homemade alphabet. Some letters were made from craft paper covered shapes she bought at a craft store, but others are made from plastic snakes, rulers, and hand-carved foam. The variety of colors and patterns work on a solid color wall, and it adds a very fun vibe to the room.

9.) Recycled and Upcycled Items

Michelle has a very cool art piece hanging on her wall that is made from reclaimed wood. While she bought it at a very cool Etsy store, CarpenterCraig, you can make pieces from reclaimed wood on your own as well. Try making a set of shelves or a wall hanging. Or if you don’t have the time or talent to make something yourself, you can always buy it from someone who does. No matter who makes it, anything made out of reclaimed wood or other upcycled items is guaranteed to be a conversation starter in your home.

I hope these ideas inspire you to start incorporating your past memories, present emotions, and future goals into your home. These ladies all prove that by listening to your heart, you can add some very unique pieces of décor onto your walls.

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home! Feel free to join the conversation or share your creative ways of decorating your walls over at my Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/DomesticCEO. You can also check out my boards on Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/thedomesticceo.

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