Decorating with Rocks

Think rocks are boring? Think again! Here are a few tips and ideas for decorating with rocks.

Amanda Thomas
3-minute read

Yes, you read that right. I came up with this idea after observing an activity enjoyed by many a camping child: collecting rocks. Over and over, I saw kids adding to an ever-growing assemblage of “must-have” pebbles and stones. Other than letting these sit in a box to be looked at every now and then, why not take these bits of nature and turn them into part of your home décor? Here are pretty cool ideas for decorating with rocks, along with some easy crafts you can do with or without children.

1) Paperweights

If you’ve got some hand-sized smooth, rounded rocks, making decorative paperweights is easy. Get some rub-on transfers in different designs at the craft store. It’s simple to center a transfer on a rock and then, using a wooden popsicle stick, apply some pressure and rub the picture on to your rock. Follow the instructions that come with the transfer. Use as a paperweight or gather a grouping of these in a low bowl or tray and display on a coffee table.

2) House Numbers

Use the same rub-on transfers, paint, or a Sharpie to add single numbers on to larger rocks. Use one rock for each number of your address and display the rocks in your front yard, near the front door or maybe in a potted plant. Cute!

3) Quote Stones

You can handwrite favorite quotes or Bible passages on some rocks and put them into a bowl or basket to display. When you need a bit of inspiration, head over to the bowl and feel better. Rubbing your hands over smooth rocks is also a stress-reliever, so you’ll get a double dose of happy from this bowl of encouragement.

4) Rock-Painting

Are you a bit artistic? Why not try your hand at drawing cute animals, like owls, on various-sized rocks? This is a good summer afternoon craft project for kids. If you’re growing a vegetable or herb garden, use paints to add pictures of each vegetable and the name of each variety and use as garden markers.

5) Connect-the-Rocks

Another adorable craft project is to make a picture with stones. Even a few rows of evenly placed, interesting stones glued on some cardstock can become a piece of minimalist artwork. Or you could draw a simple tree trunk on heavy-duty cardstock and then glue pebbles on as the “leaves” of the tree.

6) Sculptures

If you’ve got lots of small pebbles or rocks, use them in glass vases either by themselves or sink a candle in them for a quick centerpiece. Even a tall, clear glass vase partially filled with pebbles of different colors suddenly becomes art. Add a few branches or twigs and you’ve got a simple nature-inspired Zen piece for your home.

7) Shoe Holder

Do you have a boot and shoe tray in your mudroom? Add a layer of rocks to the tray and it suddenly becomes much more eye appealing. The rocks will also let the moisture drain off your boots and shoes so they dry faster!

8) Photo Display

If you’ve got a collection of larger rocks, here’s a simple project: Get a heavy-gauged wire from the hardware store – I like to use copper wire. Wrap the wire around the rock vertically just once. Give it a twist and then continue upward with the wire about 6 inches. Wrap the top of the wire around a pencil 3 or 4 times to create a spiral. Next, flatten the spiral so it’s one-dimensional. Slide a favorite photo, postcard, or greeting card into the spiral and display.

9) Advice Stones

My all-time favorite thing to do with your child’s collection of stones is to use them at his or her wedding. Instead of having guests sign in a book, ask each attender to sign a stone and then write their best marriage advice on the other side. Have enough Sharpies available so multiple guest can do this at the same time. Add these “advice stones” to a decorative bowl and let the good counsel pile up! What a neat way to take a childhood rock collection and turn it into a lasting memory.

If you’d like more ideas for decorating with rocks, head over to my Pinterest board for even more creative ways to use that pile of stones.

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