How to Add Color to Your Home Decor

Chances are, you're timid with colors. But it's spring now, which means you're refreshed and ready to get a little wild with your color palette. Who knows, you might realize that bright mustard or rich amethyst is the decor touch you've been missing all along. Hometalk.com editors have 7 tips to add some pop to your home!

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Tip #1: Add a loud pop to a neutral palette

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Going colorful does not mean spray painting everything you own! In fact, one of the best ways to really get the full kick of color from your bold palette choice is to layer it over a neutral base. Give any neutral toned room a pop of color, with some choice bold details in bright, eye-catching hues!

Tip #2: Highlight an accent piece so it stands out

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Instead of small details, you can also try one big statement piece, like a colorful table or this spectacular dresser. Choose a piece of furniture with a body that you adore and highlight it with a bold color, so that visitors and guests will spot it immediately and won't be able to look away. Check out Domestic CEO's DIY: Painted Dresser for Your Patio.

Tip #3: Wear your colors on your sleeve

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Make a lasting first impression, with a bright colored door to greet guests. As they say, go big or go home, and if you're going for color this year, you can't get much bigger and brighter than a vibrantly colored front door.

Tip #4: Paint with coordinated details instead of a brush

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You don't need to paint walls or drag in heavy furniture to add color. Instead, cover your walls with shelves outfitted in colorful supplies and accessories. Buy matching display pieces, or make over your old items with a fresh coat of paint.

Tip #5: If you're going for an accent wall, go bold!

Photo via Isabelle @Engineer Your Space

Last year was all about the accent wall, but this year, it's going to take more than a tinted wall to grab attention - if you want to go for an accent wall, you've got to go bold! Jewel tones are great to add light and personality, and they'll definitely transform your space from wah to wow.

Tip #6: Search high and low for color opportunities

Photo via Ashley @Bigger than the Three of Us

Don't forget the two most often overlooked color canvases: the floor and the ceiling. Of course, you can give your ceiling a coat all its own and really add a bang, but if you're looking for a small risk that will still have impact, consider colorful lighting or eye-catching carpets.

Tip #7: Create strong, eye-catching contrasts

Photo via Becky @Flipping the Flip

Remember: what stands out in your home depends on what you create as a base, meaning that your room's base color will affect how much of a pop your color risk has. If you're planning on creating fireworks with your bold tones, you'll need to add some dark contrast to really showcase your colors!

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