How to Create a Picture Collage

Do you need to decorate an empty wall space? How about a picture collage! With the right tips from Domestic CEO, learning how to hang a picture collage has never been easier!

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #71

Picture collages are a fun way to decorate a large wall space. In a collage, you don’t have to pick just one picture, instead you get to pick a bunch of your favorites to show off all at once. The thing is, if they aren’t done correctly, picture collages can look chaotic and messy on a wall. Once you learn these tips on how to hang a picture collage, you can be confident that your picture collage will make your walls look amazing..

Picture Collage Tip #1: Pick Your Wall

The first step in learning how to hang a picture collage is choosing your wall. The wall, and even the room, where the collage lives in makes all the difference in how the picture collage will fit into your space. Pick a room for your collage that is open and bright. You want there to be lots of space that people can stand back and enjoy the collage, as well as the ability to come up close and look at each individual photo.

It’s for this reason that I don’t recommend putting picture collages in hallways or in enclosed stairwells. When there is another wall 4 feet away from the collage, the only view of the collage you get is a close-up of the individual pictures. That way, you'll miss out on the larger view of the collage itself. Give your picture collage adequate space to breathe by putting it in an actual room.

To pick a wall for your picture collage, look for a space that is between 6 and 8 feet wide. This will give you enough space to get frames of varying sizes to fit without them feeling squished. If you'replanning 0n including pictures with people and other small, personal images, you want your guests to be able to walk up and view these pictures from very close range. These collages should not be hung above big, bulky furniture, like a couch, because viewers will naturally want to get closer to the pictures. Save them the awkwardness of climbing on your furniture and put collages above console tables or low bookcases. If you are looking to fill a space over a couch, consider using large images that your guests can enjoy from afar.

Picture Collage Tip #2: Plan the Images

Now that you have your wall picked out, it’s time to plan your collage...