How to Decorate Your Home with Books

Do you have a ton of old books that you want to throw away or donate? Before you get rid of them, check out Domestic CEO's 3 amazing ideas for how to use books to decorate your home.

Amanda Thomas
3-minute read

Do you have old, tattered books stored in the garage or attic? Have you thought “I really need to get rid of those old boxes of books”? 


Don’t do it! I’ve got some really cool ideas for turning your word-filled tomes into beautiful art projects worthy of the most prominent place of display in your home.


Books as Wall Art

The first project is a large art piece. The instructions for this project can be found here. The basic idea is collecting portions of books you like and attaching them to a large board; creating a one-of-a-kind art piece. The idea is to display your favorite page from the book.

Obviously, don’t use the cherished first edition your Grandma gave you. Find books at a thrift store or used book store, or maybe you’ve got more than one copy of a favorite book. I like to save birthday cards and Valentine's Day cards that my husband and family or friends have given to me over the years, so I can see myself adding these to the project as well. Bits of lace and even old pieces of jewelry would be pretty cool additions to this piece too. Glue all these items in random order onto a display board and you’ve got a wonderful, personal piece of art.

Books as Display

The second project is something I’ve seen for sale online but is oh-so-easy to re-create at home. Simply take a few older books, maybe 3 –4, and remove the outer cover of each book. Obviously, don’t use your favorite books for this. Use books you’ll probably never read and won’t miss. Then, stack the books one on top of each other in order of size; largest on the bottom to the smallest on top. Finally, use some twine or hemp string and wrap the stack first horizontally, then vertically with the string and tie it off. This makes a cute décor item. Top it with a small figure, frame, or memento and you’ve got an adorable, vintage-looking piece. This makes a great gift for any bookworm you know!

Books as Personal Memento

The final book-themed project is one I absolutely love. Choose a word you want to feature. Maybe something like Love or Hope or Peace. Or choose an important date like your wedding day or your child’s birthday.  It doesn’t matter what you choose; just make it something near and dear to your heart.

Next, count how many letters and/or numbers are in your special word or date. Select the same amount of books and line them up vertically in no particular order. In fact, don’t line them up by size; mix it up. Then tie the books together with twine or string wrapped around the whole group multiple times.  The books will be displayed with the page edges facing out.

Next, write one letter or number of your chosen word or date on the page edges of each book. For example, if your word is Hope the first book will have an H, the next the O, and so on. I printed out my word in a font I really like and then used that as a guide when I hand-lettered my books. The finished product is a tiny library boasting my cherished word. If you want, attach vintage-looking tags with additional writing on them; something that ties in to your special word. 

For even more décor projects using books, check out my Decorating with Books Pinterest board!