Porch Decorating Ideas

Looking to spruce up your front door or any other exterior space of your home? Check out these 4 porch decorating ideas from the Domestic CEO.

Amanda Thomas
4-minute read
Episode #67

Porch Decorating Ideas

Summertime. It’s the time of year when Americans like to get outdoors, eat popsicles, and enjoy time in the sun. It can also be the time of year where we realize how neglected our outdoor spaces have been for the last few months. If you are looking for a few ways to spruce up the front of your home, today’s episode is for you. I’ll be giving 4 porch decorating ideas to help make the front of your home more welcoming..

When looking for porch decorating ideas, I caution that you consider your neighborhood before deciding on anything. Often times porches are unsecured, so if you live in an area with higher crime or bored teenagers, you may want to take that into consideration. Anything you use in your décor should be permanently affixed to the walls or ground. My friend had a 100-pound concrete planter stolen off her front porch, so don’t think that just because something is heavy, it is safe. Make sure your items are secure, you have motion detector lights or security cameras to deter from theft, or you may have to come to grips with the fact that your décor is now decorating someone else’s front porch.


Porch Decorating Idea #1: Furnish the Space

The key here is to make your front porch feel like an extension of your home. If you have the space on your front porch, try incorporating furniture into your porch decorating plan. A porch swing or, my favorite, Adirondack chairs add an instant “Home Sweet Home” feeling to the front of your house. Add a small table and you have everything you need to enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying a summer evening.

If your porch is covered, you may also want to consider bringing a dresser into the space to use for storage. Gardening supplies, outdoor toys, and even sunscreen and bug repellant are natural choices to be stored outdoors because that’s where you use them. If you want to see an example of how to create outdoor storage without a big price tag, you can check out my blog on a super cheap dresser I found at a Goodwill store and spruced up for my patio! Just remember, whenever you use indoor furniture in an outdoor space, make sure that you have it protected from the elements. Do your best to keep it out of direct sunlight and away from rain and it will provide you many years of use.

Porch Decorating Idea #2: Dress Up the Door

When someone comes to your door, what do they see? Is your door naked, or is it accessorized? A cute door mat can show your personality as well as help your guests clean their feet before entering your abode. And yes, you could get a plaque to hang on your door that says a funny phrase like, “My house was clean yesterday…Sorry you missed it,” but why not bring your home’s décor outside to your porch?

For my house, I found a great metal wall hanging that is meant for indoor use, but we installed it by our front door instead. If your front door area is protected from the elements, there’s no reason you can’t use interior décor items there instead. There are so many more options for interior wall hanging items than for outdoor ones, so broaden your search and find just the right piece to welcome your guests.