The Best Stores for Affordable Home Furnishings

The only four stores you need to be able to furnish an entire home.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #212


The next store I rely on for furnishing homes on a budget is Ross. This discount store’s inventory is always changing, but there are a few items that I can almost always count on finding at a Ross.

The first are high quality bed linens. When we need to purchase six or eight sets of sheets at a time, purchasing $100 sets is out of the question. When I go to Ross, I can almost always find luxury linens for $30-$50 per set. They also have a great selection of blankets, quilts, and pillows that make any bedroom feel instantly cozy and complete, but at prices that beat almost every other store in the area.

Another aisle I depend on at Ross is the kitchen aisle. Their dish sets, silverware sets, and glassware sets are often half the price of even some of the other stores on this list. You might have to hunt to find two sets of matching items, but it’s worth it if you can get a complete set of dishes for under $30. On a good day you can also find amazing prices on high quality cookware and chef knife sets, and if you’re lucky, great single baking pans and food storage items. If you want to fill your kitchen with great items at a low price, it’s worth your time to walk through the aisles at Ross.

The last thing I always try to find at Ross is décor, specifically wall hangings. Most Ross stores have a huge selection of wall art and décor items that are in the trendy styles and colors for the year. I’ve even found things like small chairs that became the perfect accent piece for an otherwise basic looking room. Plus, if you hit the store on the right day, you can often find a number of pieces that have been marked down for clearance. I’ve found this will typically put a large wall painting in the $30-$50 range. If you have a lot of wall space to fill, or a number of flat surfaces that could use a little sprucing up, Ross is the store to hit first.


The last store I head to when I’m furnishing a home is Target. The number one item I always get at Target is towels. Whether we are furnishing a budget home, or a luxury home, there is always an option at Target.

While the selection is part of the reason I prefer to buy towels at Target, the real reason is the consistency. I know that, if we need to replace a couple towels in six months or a year, we are almost certainly going to be able to find that towel again at Target. This can’t be said about most stores because they change their inventory or color schemes on a more frequent basis. Target seems to understand that if they keep their towel inventory relatively neutral and stable, their customers can come back and buy more of the same towels again and again.

I also am a Target clearance shelf junkie. Even if I am only going in to Target to buy shampoo, I will always walk through the store and scope out the clearance items. By being patient and keeping an eye on the clearance items, I’ve been able to keep my kitchen stocked with super cute dish towels, my living room cozy with comfy throws and pillows, and a few great accent furniture pieces that helped fill blank spaces in our home. The key to the clearance sections is to not buy simply because you see a great price; that just creates clutter. Know what you need or want before heading in to the clearance sections, and only buy if you find something that really fits your space.

Furnishing a home can be a daunting and expensive process, but with a little planning and the knowledge of where to find the best deals, you can make your home a warm and cozy place within almost any budget.

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home.