10 Organizing Projects That Only Take Ten Minutes

Only have ten minutes? Get organized in no time at all with these ten tips from Domestic CEO.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #194

Condense Boxes of Food

No matter how big or small your pantry is, there is always a chance that you get duplicate boxes of items opened. Maybe someone didn’t see the already open box of Rice Krispies, or maybe you have 3 boxes of different flavor granola bars taking up the shelf space. Take a few minutes to go through the pantry and condense any items you can into the same boxes or containers. It will free up extra shelf space, and help you waste less food. That’s a double win!

Remove Clothes from One Closet

This next one is an easy one if you have kids. Pick one closet, go in, and quickly grab all the items you know don’t fit them anymore. Kids outgrow clothes quickly, so while it’s easy to get behind on this project, it’s also really easy to identify the too-small items. This is often a little more difficult in our own closets, but I can almost guarantee that if you focused on items that are too small, not ones you don’t like or don’t wear, you’ll be able to identify a handful of items that you don’t fit in anymore as well.

Match Plastic Containers

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I don’t know how the plastic containers and lids end up missing, but they do. If your plastic container storage area is looking like a hot mess, it’s about time you take 10 minutes to quickly go through and match up lids and containers. Any that don’t have a match go into the recycle bin, or can be used for other projects around the home (like your junk drawer!).

Clean Off a Nightstand

Going to bed should be a time where you relax and decompress at the end of the day. That’s difficult if the last thing you see before shutting your eyes is a cluttered nightstand. Take a few minutes and clean off one nightstand. Throw out the used tissues, take the half-empty water cups to the kitchen, and really wipe off the top of the nightstand. If you get one nightstand done in five minutes, walk around to the other side of the bed and repeat.

Toss Old Linens

Remember that Donate box you created? Here’s a chance to use it. Look through your towels and linens and grab any that aren’t getting used anymore. If they are in really good condition, donate them to a homeless shelter or thrift store so other people can use them. If they are in less than stellar condition, donate them to a local animal shelter. Shelters are always needing towels and blankets to assist with bathing animals and making soft sleeping areas, so nearly every single towel or linen you don’t want can get put to good use.

These projects are just to get you started. Once you’ve worked your way through the list and gained some momentum, you can start tackling some of the bigger projects around your home. Keep plugging forward, and soon your entire home will be functioning well and look great!

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home!