10 Tips for Organizing Open Bathroom Shelves

Open bathroom shelving is a great opportunity to combine organization and design. Here are Domestic CEO's 1o tips to make sure those shelves are both functional and fashionable!

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #106

Storage in a bathroom always seems to be a dilemma. Whether you have a lot of storage space or a little, organizing that space is a challenge.

The typical bathroom storage unit needs to accommodate a variety of personal products, including towels, toilet paper, tubes, bottles, and so on. If you take stock of how many things you store in your bathroom, you'd be surprised at the number of different items. That's why making the storage area work and look good all at the same time gets a little tricky.

At my household assistant company - Moxie Girl - we offer home organization as one of our services. We recently accepted the challenge of organizing open shelving in the bathroom. This took a bit of planning and ingenuity.

The mission? To transform the existing shelves into a place with accessible storage for bathroom essentials while still making it eye-appealing. After all, it is open shelving. Not only is it storage, but it also functions as art for the bathroom!

Here are the top 10 tips for creating decorative bathroom storage - plus awesome before and after pictures!.

Tip #1: Use baskets to consolidate items and create visual interest

Let's face it, tubes of triple antibiotic ointment and boxes of bandages are not pretty to look at. Store all your first-aid items in a pretty basket or decorative box. It's easy to find exactly what you need at your favorite discount store. Ikea and Home Goods also have loads of fun options for storage bins and baskets. Choose containers that coordinate with your bathroom decor. Even better - add decorative labels so everyone knows what goes where.

Tip #2: Place items that are most frequently used within arm's reach

You don't want to go digging around for the toothpaste every time you want to brush your teeth. Store items used every day in a convenient, easy-to-reach location. Use jars or short vases as a way to store the not-so-pretty stuff you use daily.

Tip #3: Use decorative items (like vases and plants) to make use of awkward spaces

Quite often built-in storage or even some purchased shelving units have shelves that are different heights. For a tall area that needs to be filled, try using a stylish vase, plant, or even a piece of artwork. Just because you're loading up shelves doesn't mean everything in them has to be a useful item. Adding a bit of decor to your storage shelves suddenly makes them an eye-pleasing room addition.

Tip #4: Make the best use of what's already available

Check what you have around the house before going on a wild spending spree for your storage and display items. One of my clients had some of the baskets we used on her shelving just sitting unused in a closet. Even if some of the things you own don't perfectly match, that's OK. When everything is too matchy matchy, the space takes on a monotonous look - and where's the fun in that?

Tip #5: Upcycle your existing storage and decor items

Don't forget, if you've got some storage pieces from days gone by that aren't the right color anymore but are still in great shape, don't forget about spray paint. You can breathe new life into an old, tired piece simply by giving it a fresh coat of paint. That ugly, mauve-colored storage box suddenly becomes a show-stopper when painted a vibrant yellow or energetic turquoise!

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