20-Minute Organizing Hacks for Every Room

It's tough finding time to organize those messy closets and cluttered drawers, but with these 20-minute organizing hacks from Hometalk bloggers, it will hardly take you any time at all!

2-minute read

No matter how much we love having stuff, we're always dreaming for less clutter and chaos in our lives. But let’s be honest, who has the time to organize their home? Well, with these 20-minute organizing hacks, you do! Here’s how you’ll clear the clutter in every room in just one evening!

Tip #1: Upgrade Your Pantry Storage

Project via Heather @The Wilson Farm

Make packing lunches easier, and clear some bulk from your pantry by hanging a shoe organizer. You can fill the pockets with sandwich bags of school snacks, like pretzels and chips, so that they’re ready to grab and stow into lunch boxes each morning.

Tip #2: Make your jewelry storage double-duty

Project via Roeshel @DIY Show Off

Jewelry is one of those things that is forever in use, but forever in the way! Instead of sifting through an overstuffed pouch, or rummaging in your jewelry drawer, store jewelry in plain sight on a dresser where it can also add to the decor as a colorful display. (Keep in mind: if your jewelry is valuable, security might be worth a little drawer-rummaging.)

Tip #3. Use the space beneath the sink

Project via Susan @Living Rich on Less

Countertop clutter, medicine cabinet mess—every surface of your bathroom is covered in stuff, and you’re not even sure what’s expired and what’s usable! Solve that problem now and forever, with under the sink storage in well-labeled baskets that can be stowed out of the way.