5 Creative Uses for Hanging Shoe Organizers

Here's five surprising ways to use hanging shoe organizers, none of which involve shoes.

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School Day Outfits

Hanging shoe organizers are also a great way to help smaller kids learn how to put together outfits and dress themself each morning. There are usually six rows of pockets, with four pockets in each row. This means that on Sunday afternoons you can help your kids create outfits for each day of the week (with one “free day”) and put each outfit in one row. A top, a bottom, socks, and undies can each be placed in one of the pockets of a row. Every morning your child can pick a row and be set with a complete outfit to wear that day. You can step up this method by pulling out the outfit of their choice each evening so it’s sitting out, ready to be put on as soon as they are up and ready to get dressed. Not only does this method help younger school-age kids learn how to put together weather and activity appropriate outfits, but it also gives them limited options each morning. Limited options means less overwhelming decisions, which means that they can get themselves dressed quicker and you can get out the door with less fights over outfits.

Snacks and Treats

Another great way to give your kids more independence using hanging shoe organizers is to stock one with healthy, single-serving snacks. Your kids can choose from these options when it’s time for a snack or when they are packing their lunches. Some ideas for these snack pockets are baggies of nuts with a piece of fruit, granola bars, whole grain crackers and slices of cheese and salami kept in the fridge, cups of peanut butter with a bag of pretzels, and baggies of popcorn with a squeeze pouch of applesauce. If the kids are in the habit of picking out food from these pockets, you can get creative with the combinations of snacks kept in them. Just make sure to carve out a little time on weekends to make individual servings of snacks and stock up the organizer. The last thing you want is a hungry kid who’s really not able to find anything to eat when they go to get an afterschool snack.

Water Bottles and Travel Mugs

If you’re like me and have a bunch of travel mugs and water bottles crowding your kitchen cabinets, you’ll love this last idea. The challenge with these travel items is that they don’t always fit well in cabinets. They are often too tall for normal shelves, so they may just get thrown in a lower junk cabinet, only to be lost until someone decides to clean out the cabinets. If you are using travel coffee mugs and water bottles on a regular basis, it may make more sense to keep them in a more accessible space, like the back of a pantry door. And a hanging shoe organizer makes it super convenient to store a number of them in the same spot.

The best part about keeping these mugs and bottles in the pocket organizer is that it is super easy to keep all the parts together. You’re taking apart the bottles and mugs to wash them, and if they aren’t quite dry inside when you put them away, you might not want to put the lid back on. By tossing both parts in a single pocket, you know that you’ll never have to search for the lid to your favorite coffee mug when you’re already rushing to get out the door. Everything can be kept together to make it easy to get your caffeine and hydration, even on hectic mornings.

Shoes are just the beginning when it comes to the uses for hanging shoe organizers. There are almost endless ways you can use these versatile organizers. Maybe one of the ideas here is just the right solution to help you organize an area of your home, or maybe it will spark another idea that will be a real clutter buster for you.

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