5 Sweater Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you shrunk or stretched out your favorite sweater, these easy life hacks will teach you how to get it back to normal and the best ways to store your clothes.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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How to Fix a Stretched-Out Sweater

Are the cuffs or neckline of your favorite sweater starting to get stretched out? Bring them back to their original size again by blowing them with hot air from your hairdryer! Just wet the cuffs or collar with water, set the hairdryer on its highest setting, and then blow-dry until no longer wet. The heat will shrink them slightly, bringing them back down to the right size.

What to Do if You Shrunk a Sweater

If you’ve accidentally shrunk a sweater in the dryer, there may still be hope. Let it sit in a bucket of water with a generous amount of hair conditioner mixed in. The chemicals in the conditioner can untangle the fibers in your sweater, making them expand back to their original condition. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to cut up the sweater and make some new mittens!

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Make An Old Sweater Look Like New

If your favorite cashmere or angora sweater is looking a little worn, put it in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for half an hour. The cold causes the fibers to expand, making your sweater look new again! Who knew there was such a thing as sweater cryogenics?

Sweater Storage Secrets

To eliminate moth damage or mildew from your wool sweaters and down jackets, wash the garments before storing, and never keep them in plastic bags or airtight containers. Your clothes need air, so consider a trunk made of wicker, cedar, or rattan, and avoid hot attics or damp basements. When putting away your sweaters for the spring and summer months, wrap them in newspaper and tape the sides. The newspaper will keep away both moths and moisture.

Rejuvenate a Cedar Chest

Cedar chests are wonderful because they not only look great, but their scent keeps moths away, too. But what to do when they begin to lose their scent? Get out some fine sandpaper and go to work! Gently sanding the inside of the chest will bring its scent back to life, making sure your clothes are safe and your room smells wonderful.

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