7 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

Looking for new ways to use Mason jars? Here's seven creative options to try today.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #223

4.) Pantry Storage

This next idea came from a client who hired my organizing company to make-over her pantry. She had a whole bunch of large Mason jars in her pantry already, but didn’t really have a good use for them. She wanted to incorporate them into her pantry, and asked us how we thought they could best be used. While there are literally hundreds of ways they could be used, we decided to use them for her baking supplies, like flour, sugar, and even muffin liners. The large jars were a great option to store these panty staples, and a few cute labels made them equal parts storage and decoration.

5.) Snack Storage

Another option for food storage is to use glass jars to store individual candies and treats, cereals, or pourable snacks like pretzels. By removing these items from their bulky and unattractive packaging, you can more easily see if you are running low and keep your pantry looking much cuter. Keep in mind that this storage method is better for homes without small children. Kids are creative, and no matter how high of a shelf you store these treats, they will likely try and figure out a way to get to the treat jars. The last thing you want is a broken glass jar in your pantry when your child jumps off the chair to retrieve a piece of chocolate. Only use this option for treats if you have a house full of people who are old enough and coordinated enough to be able to safely open the treat jars.

6.) Vases

The next tip is one that is not at all food related, and it’s to use Mason jars as flower vases. There’s no need to buy expensive vases that just create clutter around your home. The same larger jars that are great for salads can also be used to display a bouquet of flowers. A few weeks ago I gave one of my employees a dozen roses for her 3 year anniversary with Moxie Girl. She is in the process of moving, so I didn’t give her a vase because I didn’t want to give her one more item to move. A few hours after I left the flowers with her, I received a picture of the roses in a glass jar and they were adorable! I know that she uses Mason jars for a whole lot of things around her house, so it was fun to see how she was able to reuse one to display the flowers. No need for expensive and bulky vases when you have a few Mason jars hanging around your home!

7.) Storing Small Stuff

The final way I like to use Mason jars in a home is to corral a bunch of small items that you are keeping around the home. A set of small jars on a bathroom counter can keep a supply of cotton balls, cotton pads, and cotton swabs within reach and still looking nice. Another small jar on the counter can contain bobby pins or safety pins, and yet another jar in your closet can collect all the extra buttons that come with every new dress shirt.

There are hundreds of ways to incorporate glass jars in to your daily routine and your home’s storage. These are just a few of my favorites, and hopefully they give you a few ideas to get you started. You can likely come up with a dozen more uses that will make your life easier or cuten up your current storage options.

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Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home.

Mason jar image courtesy of Shutterstock.