7 Easy Tips to Organize Your Purse or Bag

There are those of us who have a meticulously organized bag, with everything in its place. And then there are those of us who spend two minutes rummaging around for our keys every single day. No matter what kind of person you are when it comes to organization, here are seven easy ways to make your bag or purse more organized.

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Meds on the Go

For the perfect container for keeping medicines and/or pills with you in your purse or pocket, try a contact lens case. Since it comes with two handy sections, it’s easy to store different pills in different compartments and label them, if necessary.

Checkbook Covers Turned Organizers

When you receive new checks in the mail, don’t throw away the plastic cover that often comes with them. Instead, use it as an organizational tool to store receipts and other papers that find their way into your purse.

DIY Breakfast Bar Saver

Don’t have time to eat anything but a breakfast bar in the morning? Store it in a glasses case to make sure it doesn’t get smashed in your purse or bag on the way to work.

Spare Key Secret

Looking for a place to store a spare key? Try this trick. Place a spare key between two old gift cards, and tape the edges shut. You’ll be able to store the key easily in your wallet, since it will fit perfectly in one of the credit card slots.

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The Key to Keys

You’ll never fumble with the wrong key again if you color-code them with a dot of nail polish. Just apply a thick coat of a different shade to the top of each key. It makes them look nicer, too!

Portable Trash Bags

Hate finding old napkins and gum wrappers in the bottom of your purse? Carry a spare resealable plastic bag or two for on-the-go trash storage. Toss it out regularly, and your purse cleanup will be easier than ever! They’re also great for putting makeup inside of—nothing is more frustrating than spills that occur inside your purse!

Keep breakfast bars in a sunglasses case and other tipsMakeup Hacks for a Small Purse

It’s another bane of womanhood—purses for nice occasions are especially small, just when you want to make sure your make-up is on point! If you have an adorable clutch so tiny you can’t fit your makeup inside, try these hints: Break eyeliner or lip pencils in half to form two smaller pencils and sharpen them both. (You’ll not only save space, but you’ll have a backup if one pencil goes missing!) For powder, use a tiny piece that has broken off the mass and place it in a tissue—when it comes time to refresh your make-up, rub the entire tissue across your face. For other make-up like lipstick, eye shadow, or blush, cover the end of a Q-Tip in the amount you’ll need, then carefully place in a resealable plastic bag or individual pieces of plastic wrap. You’ll have enough make-up to make it through the night, and you won’t have to ask your date to hold a makeup bag.

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