7 Space-Saving Tips to Keep Your Clothes Organized

If your closet is packed and you don't know what to do, you've come to the right place. We'll show you how to organize your clothes to maximize space by making DIY drawer sorters, color-coding your closet, and more! 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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DIY Drawer Sorters

Keep your underwear and sock drawers organized by using shoe boxes as separate compartments. Cut the boxes in half lengthwise or widthwise, place them in a drawer, and stick the various items into designated boxes: socks in one, folded bras in another, and underwear in yet another.

T-Shirt Roll Call

Maximize drawer space when you put away your T-shirts by using this rolling technique: Fold the shirt lengthwise in thirds, sleeves folded to the back. With the shirt facedown, roll it from the bottom up. Place the rolled shirt into your drawer so the front faces out—this is especially important if the shirt bears a logo or design that will help you spot it in the drawer. Not only will you fit more tees in the drawer, you’ll find the one you want in no time at all.

Virtual Fashion Organizer

Never spend another morning agonizing over what to wear! The Stylebook app (www.stylebookapp.com) makes organizing your closet and selecting outfits easier than ever. Take photos of your clothing and label each item by color, style, season, or brand; then mix and match pieces to create new outfits anytime you want a fresh look. You can also add items you’ve found online to your Stylebook closet—that way, you can see how they’ll fit with the rest your wardrobe before you make a purchase. And, best of all, Stylebook’s calendar allows you to track the dates you’ve worn an outfit or particular piece of clothing: You’ll cut down on repeats and ensure that your style is sharp every day!

Track Your Clothing Habits

Many professional organizers agree that we wear 20 percent of our clothes 80 percent of the time. To keep track of your most frequently worn clothing, try this hanger monitoring system: Place all hangers backward on the rod. When you take a piece of clothing out of the closet to wear, turn its hanger in the other direction. Use this system for a few weeks, and you’ll have a good idea of which clothes you reach for the most. After a few months, you’ll have a good idea of which clothes you need to get rid of.

Color-Code Your Closets

Need a little help coordinating outfits? Organize your clothes by color—you’ll spot matching combos with a quick glance into your closet. If you notice any items that stick out or don’t coordinate with anything else, stick them in the “donate” pile.  

A Height-Ordered Wardrobe

Optimize your closet space by arranging clothes by height. Rather than installing one long rod along the entire width of the closet, try this arrangement: Install one rod up high only halfway across the closet. In the other half, install one high rod plus a lower rod beneath it. This way, you’ll be able to hang shorter clothing—shirts, blazers, skirts, and vests—on the two short-length rods, and longer items like dresses, pants, and coats on the full-length rod.

Do-It-Yourself Tiered Closet Hangers

Create more closet space in a snap with link chains: Hang a chain from your closet’s rod using S-hooks, then stick your hangers into individual links for extra storage. Visit your local hardware store to find chains, and ask an employee there to cut several one-foot-long segments for you—now you have multiple tiered hangers for maximum space!

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