How to Organize a Garage

Is your car banished to the driveway because you have so much clutter in your garage? These 5 tips from the Domestic CEO will help you clean out the clutter and get your car back into its home!

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #75

Inevitably, every summer I get calls from Moxie Girl clients who want to organize their garage. Oftentimes, these garages are so full of stuff that the clients can’t even park their cars. This is Ok for 9 months of the year when we have perfect weather in Phoenix, Arizona, but for the 3 months when it’s 110 degrees outside, people want to park their car in the garage.

Unlike organizing a closet, organizing a garage is a big project. These are big spaces and can be overwhelming to even think about. Today I have 5 tips to help you get started on organizing your garage. With a little bit of planning, and a decent amount of man-power, you too can have a garage that is organized and fit your car!.

Tip #1: Your Garage is Not a Storage Container

The first thing to understand when talking about how to organize a garage is that your garage is not a storage container. While a garage is meant to store a few things (like your cars), it should not be a catch-all for stuff you don’t know where to put in your home. I’ve worked with home organizing clients who moved into their homes 10 years earlier, and still have unpacked boxes in their garage. I can guarantee, without hesitation, that if a person has been functioning without something for 10 years, they either don’t need that item or they have already replaced it with a newer item. If you have boxes in your garage that haven’t been opened for more than 2 years, you are probably safe to get rid of these boxes without even opening them (unless they contain important documents like your marrige license, birth certificates, and other papers).

The other exception I would make to this is holiday decorations. I would recommend finding a new home for boxes of holiday decorations that haven’t been opened in more than 3 years. Life happens, and sometimes we get a little too busy to decorate for the holidays. If you haven’t pulled down the lawn ornaments for 3 years, there’s a chance that you have simply decided not to be a Griswold home anymore. That’s Ok, but holding onto the holiday decorations just because you think you need to is creating clutter in your garage. If you are lacking space, consider donatingon some of the items that you are holding onto but never using.

Tip #2: Sort by Use

The next tip on how to organize a garage is to sort the items by their uses. Some of the most popular (and logical) categories to keep in the garage are: