How to Run a School Supplies Drive

See how Domestic CEO helped with a school supply drive that provided full backpacks to more than 500 kids.

Amanda Thomas
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Everything is unwrapped and sorted. This makes it super easy to grab the correct number of each when stocking each backpack.

The community rallies together to collect hundreds of backpacks throughout the year. Many are purchased after the school year starts and they go on clearance. Luckily the church basement has lots of space to store extra supplies until the next year.

Many stores have limits on sale items. While I was home, my mom had me go to the stores a couple times to purchase 20 notebooks at a time. It’s not super efficient, but it works! 

Have you ever organized a school supplies drive or other charity event? What worked well and what challenges did you face? Weigh in over on the Domestic CEO's Facebook page.


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