How to Set Up and Organize your Perfect Home Office

Is working from home is your new normal? Check out these tips to help you set up the perfect work space in your home. 

Amanda Thomas
6-minute read
Episode #126

If wall space is at a premium, consider going vertical with your storage space. A tall shelving unit can store lots of books, files, papers. Try to keep things as neat as possible by using storage boxes, magazine holders, and baskets. I like to intersperse personal items like photo frames, plants, and little knick-knacks. Adding these personal items takes a little bit of the serious work feeling away from what could otherwise be a very boring bookshelf. You can add some flair to a closed-back bookshelf by lining the back with wallpaper, scrap book paper, or even wrapping paper. I did just that to cover a big hole on the back panel of my shelf. A piece that was once destined for the trash pile has been given new life with a $4 roll of wrapping paper!

Focus on Organization

Finally, my best advice is to keep all work-related items neat and organized. Take the time when setting up your home office to create an organized system and then make yourself stick to it. It’s easy to let chaos and messiness take over, especially when working from home. Use out-of-the-ordinary items to corral office supplies. I have paper clips in a crystal candle holder, pens and pencils in the one lone blue crystal goblet left from a wedding-gift set. Even setting multiple items on a tray gives a feel of organization and order to what could be just lots of stuff everywhere. Shop around your own home for things that can do double duty. Use things you love and that invoke feelings of calm and serenity in you.

Creating a tranquil, organized and efficient home office space is easier than you think and is most definitely worth the time and effort. And the best part of working from home? Working in your pajamas or sweatpants. Hey, your workspace should look great but you get to be comfy!

Remember, if you’re looking for some inspiration for your home office, pop on over to my Pinterest board for home office ideas.

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home!


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