6 Simple Tips to Organize Your Hair Accessories

Find yourself in a tangled mess? Organize your jewelry and hair accessories with these quick and easy tips using toilet paper tubes and Tic Tac containers!

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Untangle your life with these simple techniques to organizing your hair accessories. 

How to Organize Hair Accessories

  1. Toilet Paper Tube for Scrunchies
  2. Carabiner for Hair Bands
  3. Tic Tac Box for Bobby Pins
  4. Oatmeal Box for Headband Holder
  5. Paper Clip Tin for Bobby Pins
  6. Drawer Sorters

Let's explore each tip a little further.

1. Scrunchies Saved

Stop hunting around the house every time you need a hair band! Get a toilet paper tube and wrap the bands around it. Keep it in your bathroom or on your dresser and you’ll never be without a ponytail holder again.

2. Stop Losing Hair Bands

Even if you’ve never heard the word, you probably own a carabiner, one of those D-shaped, spring-loaded metal loops that are used for climbing (but more often used these days as key chains). We had enough sitting around that we gave one of them a second use: to hold all of Jeanne’s elastic hair bands.

3. Newly Minted Storage

Got lots of tiny hair accessories? Store bobby pins and snap clips in an empty Tic Tac box! Those little plastic containers can also hold stud earrings, buttons, and other small accessories that would otherwise be hiding at the bottom of a drawer or jewelry box.

4. Holder for Headwear

Repurpose an empty can of oatmeal as a headband holder! The girth of the can is the perfect size for hard plastic headbands as well as large elastic bands.

5. Bobby Pin Tin

Do your bobby pins roll around the vanity drawer every time you pull it open? Store them together in an old paper clip tin! They’ll fit securely inside and you’ll never need to dig around the drawer to find one again.

6. Drawer Sorter

Keep your accessories in order with a drawer sorter you’d normally use for socks or undergarments. Separate your fragile valuables from clunkier items to prevent tangles and any damage. 

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