8 Tips for Natural Outdoor Pest Control

If your yard or outdoor space is being invaded by pests, we've got 8 all-natural ways you can show 'em who's boss. 

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Guard Your Garden From Insects 

Aphid Invasion? Go Orange

Place orange peels at the base of the plants that aphids are attacking. A substance found on the peels destroys the insects’ waxy outer coating, causing them to suffocate.

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A Cure for Cutworms

If you’ve come outside to find your plants' stems cut as if by a tiny axe, you have a cutworm problem. But you can fix it with a simple toothpick. Place it next to the plant’s stem—half in the soil, half above the ground. That bugger won’t be able to circle the plant stem to cut it off!

Pest-Proof Your Yard

Hide Away the Sandbox

Cats trying to make a sandbox a litterbox? Design a more protected play area by setting up a small tent, then cover the bottom with sand. Comb a cup or so of ground cinnamon into the sand to keep out ants, centipedes, and other pests, and zip up after each use.

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Recycle Dog Hair

Have a dog that sheds like crazy? Save the clumps and poke them into an old grapevine wreath. Hang it (and its repellent scent!) on a stake in the garden to chase away rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, and other unwanted creatures.

Toy with Squirrels

You can buy expensive baffles to keep squirrels from climbing poles to your bird feeder. But there’s a simple solution you may already have around the house: a slinky! Just wrap it around the top of the pole so that it extends down around it and creates a bouncy obstacle.

Call Old CDs into Action

Tie them wherever you want to scare away birds. They’re perfect to keep the flocks from feasting on your fruit trees!

A Not-So-Welcome Mat for Deer

It sounds crazy, but laying old rugs or carpet samples around the outside of your garden in a path about 4 feet wide will turn deer away. They’re suspicious of the texture and won’t put a hoof on it!

A Deer Barrier Border

Plant thick rows of gladiolas around garden areas you don’t want deer to enter. Deer don’t eat glads and also won’t cross through them—no matter how tempting the plants on the other side.

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