How to Deal with Bees and Wasps

We all have our knee-jerk reactions to a buzzing bee or an intimidating wasp, but could we be doing better? Here are some ideas for the next time you encounter a bee or a wasp in your way.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin


Turn Out the Light

Swatting at bees is unnecessary (and never leads to anything good). Just turn out the light and open a window. The light from outside will attract them even more than your nice, juicy arm.

Free a Bee; Don’t Smack It

If a bee or other stinging insect gets trapped in the car with you, do not swat at it! Instead, pull your car off to the side of the road, open all the windows or doors, and let the critter fly out.


Include some sprigs of fresh mint in your picnic basket when eating al fresco. Bees and wasps don’t like mint, so add some to your plate to keep it stinger-free.


No one likes having to worry about a bee hijacking his soda while having a drink outside. So cover the top of the cup or can with foil, then poke a straw through. Now you can sip in peace!

Wasp Trap

To keep wasps far from your outdoor party, distract and trap them with this tip. In a small saucepan, heat one cup of water and one cup of sugar until the sugar is fully dissolved. Then pour a little of the mixture in paper cups, cover with foil, and secure with a rubber band. Punch a few holes in the foil of each cup. Set the cups in different locations around your yard, so that the wasps are drawn to them. They’ll find their way into the cup, but will get trapped inside.

Nest Removal

Unlike bees, wasps can sting again and again. If you spot wasps flying to one spot, look for a nest, which can produce up to 30,000 wasps! Contact your local health authority to remove it without delay.

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