How to Get Rid of Indoor Pests

The thought of bed bugs and other indoor pests will have anyone's skin crawling for days. No doubt they're a huge pain, but here are some helpful tips to get rid of indoor pests such as centipedes and silverfish.

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Bedbugs usually require a professional exterminator, but if you have a mild infestation, you might be able to tackle them on your own. You'll need a powerful vacuum--the plug-in canister kind work well, but something battery-operated or upright usually won't do the trick. Vacuum all carpet, baseboards, switch plates, wallpaper creases, appliances, and any cracks you can find. Wash the vacuum canister with hot water to kill any eggs that may be there. Next, hit up these same areas with a substance called diatomaceous earth, which you can find in pet stores or gardening stores. It dehydrates the bed bugs and thereby kills them, so sprinkle it or smear it everywhere you think the beg bugs may be living, including on the floor near your bed, all over your bed frame, and in any cracks in the wall near your bed.



Borax works for repelling centipedes and millipedes. Sprinkle around areas where you’ve spotted them making a run for it. (Also works for the less offensive crickets.) Borax is an inexpensive cleaner than can be found at larger supermarkets, home stores, and discount retailers. Unfortunately, it isn’t pet- or kid-safe, so sprinkle wisely.


Keep a few sticks of wrapped spearmint chewing gum near any open packages of pasta, and they’ll never get infested with mealworms.


Silverfish are disgusting, down to each and every one of their legs. An effective, natural way to repel them is with whole cloves. Just sprinkle a few in drawers and other areas where you see them.


If you’ve ever had weevils infest your dry goods, you’ll take us up on this tip. If you’re storing dry beans in your pantry, toss a dried hot pepper into the container. It will deter weevils.

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