8 Essential Tips to Make Your Summer Road Trip a Blast

"Are we there yet?" Your family road trip doesn't have to be a nightmare. Here are 8 great ways to keep your kids happy and your sanity intact.

Cheryl Butler
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#4 - Prepare surprise goody bags.

If you’ve got kids who get fidgety without round-the-clock entertainment, keep them excited by packing surprise goody bags for the trip. When my kids were much younger and we traveled by plane or car, I prepared mini backpacks with surprises that would keep them busy for part of the journey. Coloring/activity books, funky crayons or gel pens, stickers, mini bubbles, a new stuffed animal or super hero, maps or travel items that related to our trip, costume jewelry, a travel diary or mini scrapbook, sunglasses, chap stick, travel games, favorite snacks—choose fun surprises that will delight and entertain.

#5 - Issue Boarding Passes.

summer road trip boarding passWhen my kids were really young, I got tired of the everyday transport hassles due to “who got which seat” while we traveled back and forth to preschool and the grocery store, let alone longer road trips. Kids squabbling over seats in the car can make road trips stressful. To take some of the strain off, I implemented a "boarding pass" system.

I type out each seat in our car with the driver side being Side A and the passenger side being Side B.

In our SUV, the boarding passes may read: Driver’s Side A, Middle Row, Window Seat; or Passenger Side B, Back Row, Middle Seat, etc.

I glue the positions to cardstock like the airlines do.

I issue each kid a boarding pass before departure, and they sit in that seat, no questions asked. I rotate seats regularly to keep it fair. Works like a charm!   


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