3 Money Rules You Should Never Break

Create financial success by following 3 fundamental rules.

Laura Adams, MBA
4-minute read
Episode #224

As I see it, there are some fundamental rules to the game of money. If you follow them, you’ll see a positive momentum start to build with your money. But if you break the rules, you can be certain that money will subtract from your happiness rather than add to it. In this article, I’ll discuss three money rules that are critical for your financial success.

Money Rule #1: Maintain a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is more important to your financial success than how you look, the amount of money you did or didn’t inherit, your level of education, your skills, your job, or a lucky break. That’s why it’s the first money rule you should always follow.

Success in life isn’t about what happens—it’s about how you choose to react to what happens, your attitude. Even if you learn a lot about money management, but you don’t have a positive attitude and believe in yourself, you’ll only achieve a fraction of what you could have achieved otherwise.

Money Rule #2: Be Disciplined

Success in life isn’t about what happens—it’s about how you choose to react to what happens.

The second money rule that should never be broken is to have discipline. Discipline means being committed to doing what you need to do in order to get what you want. For instance, having the discipline to always pay your bills on time, to save for the future, or to avoid impulsive spending, will invariably get you closer to making your dreams a reality and achieving financial freedom.


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Laura Adams, MBA

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