How to Grow Rich on a Budget

Learn Money Girl's 4 ways to build your wealth and grow rich—even on a budget.

Laura Adams, MBA
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Episode #200

Grow Rich Strategy #3: Protect Your Fortune

Once you begin to accumulate wealth, you need to keep it safe. Protect your fortune by having enough of the right kinds of insurance, such as health, life, disability, long term care, and an umbrella policy. Review your insurance needs once a year with an experienced insurance agent.

Grow Rich Strategy #4: Get Good Financial Advice

If you’re not sure what your financial goals should be or if you’re unsure how to manage your money properly, spend some time with a financial adviser. They’ll help you make long-term plans for building wealth. I seek the advice of a trusted investment adviser who helps me strategize and manage my portfolio. I listen to him carefully and we make financial decisions together.

Unless you win the lottery or have a dear rich uncle, building wealth takes time and happens slowly. But you have to start somewhere, so make a commitment to get started. You’ll look back years from now and be really glad that you did.

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