Insider Tips to Max Out Your Credit Card Rewards

Money Girl interviews Kristy Olinger, Credit Card Product Manager at Citizens, and co-host of The Opposite of Small Talk podcast, to discuss clever ways to take full advantage of different types of rewards credit cards, including avoiding foreign transaction fees and receiving cash back on gas, hotels, and airfare.

Laura Adams, MBA
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Using the best rewards credit cards for your everyday spending and upcoming travel can pay off with nice purchase benefits and cash back.

If you’re not using one or more rewards credit cards to make the most of your purchases and qualify for special promotions, you need to get more strategic. The cards you keep in your physical and digital wallets can help you rack up rewards points and save money on everyday purchases, such as groceries, gas, travel, and more.

Some cashback credit cards give you a statement credit or gift card balance to apply to purchases at retailers such as Amazon. That’s my favorite way to use rewards because it happens automatically, without giving it any thought. 

To discuss clever ways to max out card rewards, I interviewed Kristy Olinger, a Credit Card Product Manager at Citizens. She’s been deep in the credit card and technology worlds for decades and specializes in product storytelling and communication. 

"The best rewards card to use depends on your lifestyle and how you choose to use credit cards." - Kristy Olinger

As the co-host of The Opposite of Small Talk podcast, Kristy’s no stranger to getting behind a mic. We connected virtually for a great conversation about ways to take full advantage of different types of cashback cards. My favorite part was remembering some of the best ways we’ve used card rewards!

On the Money Girl podcast, Kristy and I discuss:

  • How to know if you should have a flat-rate or category rewards credit card. 
  • Why analyzing your spending habits is critical for maxing out rewards. 
  • The right number of credit cards to have for good credit. 
  • Ways to use rewards that give you the most enjoyment. 
  • Insider tips for tailoring cards to your financial situation. 
  • How a no-foreign transaction fee card saves money in the U.S. and abroad. 
  • Some benefits of Citizen’s Cash Back Plus™ World Mastercard®.  

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