How to Buy or Sell a Used Car Online

Laura interviews Sarah Wyant from Carvana about tips for getting the best deal when buying or selling a used car online. They discuss what you need to know, including how to save money, create a car budget, prepare for financing, have a more enjoyable experience, and receive a real offer to sell your car in minutes.

Laura Adams, MBA
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Get expert tips about the best way to sell a car or buy a used vehicle from the comfort of your couch. Not only can finding your next car be hassle-free but you might actually have fun shopping for a car online.

In the old days, you had to get up off the couch to visit car dealerships or read pages of classified ads to find used vehicles for sale. Now, online platforms can make the process so easy you might enjoy shopping for your next pre-owned car. 

Since I’m getting ready to help my mom sell a car, I interviewed Sarah Wyant, Assistant Director of Financial Planning & Analysis at Carvana. If you’re like me, you’ve seen Carvana’s TV commercials featuring tall car vending machines. I got connected with them through Finder.com, an online comparison site, and wanted to learn more about how the car buying platform works. 

Carvana doesn't know if you've never bought a car before or judge you for being a woman ... everybody gets a great deal.

Sarah Wyant

Sarah and I had a great conversation about tips that every car buyer and seller should know and ways to get the most from the Carvana platform. Here are a few topics we cover on this Money Girl podcast interview:

  • How Carvana shoppers save an average of $1,000 compared to using a traditional car dealer.
  • How to use Carvana’s Auto Loan Calculator to know how much you can afford before shopping for a car.
  • Why it’s convenient and empowering to buy or sell a car anonymously online.
  • Whether purchasing a new or used car is the best financial move for you.
  • How to prepare for an auto loan and apply without getting a hard inquiry on your credit.
  • Tips to know if you should sell a vehicle or accept a trade-in when buying your next car.
  • How to get a genuine offer to sell your car in minutes, even if you haven’t fully paid it off.

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