Can You Pay Off Real Estate With an IRA?

Laura Adams, MBA
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Tom asks:

Can I use money in my retirement account to pay off my mortgage on an investment property? Could I set up an LLC for the property and move money from the retirement account to the LLC to be used to pay off the mortgage?

There is a special type of retirement account called a self-directed IRA that allows you to purchase real estate and other less mainstream investments like private businesses, notes, and tax liens. However, self-directed IRAs come with many restrictions.

A self-directed IRA has the same basic rules as a traditional IRA. Assets can't be withdrawn until you reach age 59-1/2, without triggering income tax plus an early withdrawal penalty.

However, self-directed IRAs have additional restrictions when it comes to owning real estate, because you're prohibited from taking any personal benefit from the property before age 59-1/2. Using money or assets in a self-directed IRA before the law allows is called a self-dealing transaction, which violates the rules and puts the tax-deferred status of the account in jeopardy.

Because you already own the investment property, it would be considered a self-dealing, prohibited transaction to withdraw money from a self-directed IRA to buy it or pay down the mortgage. This is the case no matter if the property is in your name or in the name of your LLC.

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