Do You Have the Right Emergency Documents?

Find out what emergency documents you must have for protection.

Laura Adams, MBA
5-minute read
Episode #195

How to Create Emergency Documents

Creating a Power of Attorney, a Heath Care Proxy, a Living Will, a Last Will, and a HIPAA Release doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have a complex situation, you’ll definitely want to work with an attorney. Otherwise, you might find what you need at an online legal site like nolo.com, rocketlawyer.com, or legalzoom.com.

Where to Keep Emergency Documents

You should keep all of your original signed legal documents in a very safe place, like a bank safe deposit box or at your attorney’s office. But it’s also smart to keep copies of everything at home in case you need them at night or on the weekend. You can also scan and upload them to a free remote storage site like mednotice.com or filedropper.com so they live in the Internet cloud, too.

Docubank is the nation’s oldest and largest electronic storage service for emergency documents. They issue a wallet ID card and alert stickers for your driver’s license so a hospital anywhere in the world can quickly get the information they need about you online or by fax. Docubank charges $45 for one year or $145 for a five-year membership.

Create Your Emergency Documents Now

Do yourself and your family a favor by getting all your emergency documents created as soon as possible. It’s much easier to prepare for a potential disaster than it is to recover from one that blind-sides you. After a tragedy occurs it may be too late to make important decisions. I promise that it isn’t difficult and it’ll make you feel really good to know you’re as prepared as possible if something terrible and unexpected darkens your doorstep. Stay safe this Halloween.

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