How to Get Paid What You Want

 Don't get caught making less than what you deserve!

Laura Adams, MBA
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MoneyWhether you’re looking for a new job or are a recent graduate, you might be so thrilled to get a job offer, any offer, that you settle for less than you should. Employers will low-ball you because they know many candidates will accept.

Here are 5 tips to get paid what you really want:

Tip #1: Don’t Provide Salary History

Keep your salary information to yourself as long as possible because it can be used against you in the negotiation process. Just because you’re asked to list your salary history on an application or resume doesn’t mean you have to. Instead, write "open" or "negotiable."

Tip #2: Never Discuss Your Salary Requirements

If an interviewer asks what salary you want or what you made at your last job, simply redirect the question by asking about the salary range of the job you’re interviewing for. Say that you don’t know what would be acceptable until you fully understand the job requirements, benefits, and potential for advancement.

Tip #3: Don’t Negotiate During an Interview

Never negotiate salary during an interview. If you’re given a verbal offer, always ask for a complete offer in writing (including benefits) so you can evaluate it thoroughly. Let the interviewer know that you’re very interested in the job and will consider any offer they make.

Tip #4: Ask Questions About an Offer

Once you receive a written offer, ask whether the company can be flexible. Remember that first offer is typically a low one. You might be able to get more pay, more vacation days, or a higher level of expense reimbursements if you negotiate.

Tip #5: Make a Counter Offer

Let the company know you want the job, but would be much happier with X amount of additional annual salary or hourly pay. Remember: They offered you the position because they consider you the best candidate. Most companies are willing to shell out a little more money or perks to get the right person for the job.

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