How to Pay Less for Gas

Although gas prices are rising each day, you can still save at the pump. Money Girl has 6 smart ways to pay less for gas.

Laura Adams, MBA

Gas is now nearing an astonishing $4 per gallon on average in the U.S.! Thankfully, there are still 8 great ways to save money at the pump: 

  1. Buy discounted gas gift cards from various vendors at sites like PlasticJungle.com and GiftCards.com.
  2. Buy gas in the morning or at night when it’s cooler so less evaporates from your tank.
  3. Don’t idle for more than a minute because that wastes more gas than restarting the engine.
  4. Fill up during the middle of the week because gas prices rise on Thursdays in anticipation of weekend travel.
  5. Lighten your load -- every extra 250 pounds of weight in your vehicle burns an additional gallon of gas.
  6. Download an app for your smart phone that makes it easy to find the cheapest gas prices like GasBuddy or CheapGas!
  7. Ask a mechanic about the lowest octane gas recommended for your vehicle -- the manual may recommend high octane even though it’s not necessary.
  8. Drive with your windows closed on the highway (to save as much as 10%) and open the windows and turn off the air conditioning in stop-and-go traffic.

These tips were inspired by energy expert, Chris Faulker, CEO Breitling Oil & Gas.

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Laura Adams, MBA

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