Ten Ways to Shrink Your Bills

Easy ways to lower your monthly utility bills and save more of your money!

Laura Adams, MBA
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5. Shorten laundry cycles and use more cold water. Using less hot water and choosing shorter wash cycles will save both energy and water. Try to wait until you have a full load or be sure to adjust the water level accordingly when doing smaller loads of laundry.

6. Minimize dryer time & maximize use. Hot dryers pull a lot of energy, so be sure to remove clothes while they're still damp to save energy. Always do one dryer load right after another. This maximizes the heat that's already built up in the dryer from the prior load. And if your dryer is inside your home, make sure it's properly vented to reduce the strain on your A/C during warm weather.

7. Reduce hot-water settings. For every 10 degrees that you reduce your hot-water heater thermostat, it's possible to lower your power bill by 5%. A good temperature setting is 120 degrees if your dishwasher has a hot water booster, or 130 degrees if not.  And remember to turn off hot water heaters at the circuit breaker when you're going to be away for 3 or more days.

8. Save more water. Taking a short shower instead of a bath can save four to five gallons of water. Other ways to save water include running a dishwasher only with a full load of dishes, repairing leaky faucets, and being mindful not to let faucets run unnecessarily.

9. Give your refrigerator a check up. Because refrigerators and freezers operate constantly, they use a lot of energy. To increase their efficiency, periodically pull them away from the wall to make sure they're clean. The motor, coils and vents should be kept free of dust. When putting the refrigerator back in place, be sure to leave sufficient room for air to circulate. The ideal temperature setting for refrigerators is from 35 to 42 degrees and for freezers from 0 to 5 degrees.

10. Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances. When you do have to purchase a new appliance, such as a refrigerator or washing machine, consider spending a little more up front for the energy savings that will come from long-term use of these state of the art appliances.

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Other Resources
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