Where to Shop to Save Money on Groceries

On the hunt for great grocery store deals? Save money on food shopping with these tried and true tips, including diversifying where you shop for groceries.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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WheretoShoptoSaveMoneyonGroceriesShop Around

It may be a pain, but the best way to save on groceries is to shop at more than one market. You’ll soon find that one store will have cheaper produce, one will have cheaper meat, and so forth. Explore grocery stores you’ve never shopped at—perhaps one that is closer to your workplace or gym rather than by your home—and you may find even lower prices. We’ve even found cheaper products at stores that are part of the same chain, but just a different location. Write down the prices of your most frequently purchased items, or bring a receipt from an average grocery trip with you, so you can double check where the prices are the most reasonable.

Look Beyond Grocery Stores

When hunting for the best prices, don’t let your journey stop at the supermarket. Sometimes, stores that don’t specialize in groceries will actually give you the lowest price on some staples. For instance, a nearby gas station or convenience store might have a special price on milk or soda to get customers inside. CVS, Walgreens, and other drug stores are also good places to buy certain foods, such as soup, spaghetti sauce, and candy. Make sure to take a walk down these stores’ food aisles and compare the prices to your regular supermarket, especially the food that’s on sale. Another great place to find low prices on food is at your local dollar store.

New Stores Spell New Savings

Any time a new grocery store opens up in our area, we always stop by to take a look. It may be a pain to navigate differently laid-out aisles, but new supermarkets often offer big sales and the lowest prices possible in their first few weeks or months of business, as an incentive to get shoppers to switch stores. Many stores also offer contests and giveaways to celebrate their grand openings, so visiting during the first week is a good idea.

Go Native

Especially in cities, stores by and for immigrants abound. Whether it’s a Mexican, Indian, Ethiopian, Chinese, or Korean grocery, you’ll find cheap deals on foods that are native to that country. Bulk spices can be especially cheap, and you’ll also find items such as inexpensive tortillas and avocados. We never buy rice unless it’s from an ethnic market, as it’s usually up to 80 percent cheaper than buying it at the grocery store.

Seek out the Salad Bar

Make sure to keep an eye on the prices at the salad bar. If you only need a few artichoke hearts or mozzarella balls for your recipe, they may be cheaper to buy there by the pound than elsewhere in the store.

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