Other National Grammar Day Articles

Other National Grammar Day Articles

Q&A with Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty by Allison Vanhest

Singular "They" and the Many Reasons Why It's Correct by Gabe Doyle

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times, It was 10 Identical Clauses by Grammaropolis

The Most Majestically Sublime Press Release a Gaggle of Lexicographers Ever Perpetrated by Eileen Burmeister

Why We Need Grammar by Lisa McLendon

Cover Design and Grammar at Chronicle Books by Kate Woodrow

Celebrating the Orderly Flow of Words in Our Lives by Alan Headbloom

Oh, for a Muse of Correctness by Michael Lyons

A National Grammar Day Cartoon and Blog Post 5 easy ways to learn grammar with The New York Times.

Why the Heck Am I Observing National Grammar Day, Anyway? Neal Whitman reflects on the meaning of the day on his Literal-Minded blog.

Wouldn't It Be Horrible If Your Business Cards Were Incorrect? The Gordon Group reminds us why grammar (and design) matters.

The Role of Language in Red Cross Work The Red Cross explains why language matters for their work. Check out their Language Banks.

Grammar's Top Five on Twitter Emily Wenstrom recommends her five favorite language tweeters.

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