14 Relaxing Ways to Enjoy Time with Your Newborn This Summer

Summer is a joyful time to spend with a new baby. Here are fifteen ways to make the most of those new moments.

Cheryl Butler
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A newborn baby is an amazing gift, no matter what the season. Summer, however, is one of the most special times of the year to welcome your precious bundle of joy, and when you get yourself into a cool frame of mind, you can embrace so many special moments that will bring you a lifetime of warmth and sunshine.

Whether you’re a first-time mom or you’re welcoming your fifth, here are 14 relaxing, fun ways to enjoy spending time with your sweet newborn this summer.

  1. Take an early morning stroll. Beat the heat and enjoy a stroll around your neighborhood or nearby walking path before the sun starts to scorch.
  2. Create a photo shoot. Set up a soft, colorful beach blanket underneath a fabulous tree and capture some beautiful memories.
  3. Read to your baby. Whether it be a colorful picture book or a classic by Dr. Seuss—read, read, read!
  4. Rock on the porch. Queue up some soothing, meditative music to set the mood.
  5. Create a vision board. Include photos of all the fun places you want to take your baby when he or she gets older.
  6. Research your family tree. It will be exciting to share your heritage when your child is older.
  7. Nap in the fresh air. There’s nothing like inhaling the fragrant, balmy air of summer. Let your baby snooze in the backyard or on the deck while you spend time with a good read. Just make sure to provide shelter from the sun. 
  8. Dress your bundle of joy in easy summer fabrics. Crisp cottons or snappy seersuckers not only make baby feel cool but look cool. Don’t forget an adorable sun bonnet or beach hat.
  9. Picnic indoors. If it’s too hot to spend time outside, create an indoor picnic for you and your spouse and let your sweet baby lie next to you as you enjoy spending time together as a family.
  10. Write your baby a love letter. Note all the incredible things you’re enjoying as a new mom—the smell of his sweet skin after a bath, listening to his coos when he’s eating, watching him sleep peacefully, learning what each of his cries mean. Document it in a lovely letter and save it for him for a special date like his graduation or birth of his own child someday.
  11. Concoct a delicious cookie or cake recipe that reminds you of your new baby. “Sweet-On You Chocolate Chip cookies,” “Best Baby Ever Fudge Brownies,” or “Baby Gaga Ice Cream Cake.” Yum!
  12. Photo-a-Day Journal. Take one photo of your little sweetheart every day and create an online or scrapbook journal documenting her growth throughout the summer.
  13. Help baby bond with Dad. Make sure your baby has lots of alone time with Daddy. Dads have their own special way of interacting with baby. Moms can let dads enjoy the bonding process while taking a little time for themselves.
  14. Soak up some helpful podcasts. You'll find some of the best right here on the Quick and Dirty Tips network! You can listen to a wide variety of interesting and informative shows. Each one is geared toward helping you in your home, family, and work life.

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