Tips for Bathing Your New Baby

One of the most wonderful things about newborn babies is.

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If possible, it’s a good idea to warm up the room as well. You can warm up the bathroom by running a hot shower for a few minutes with the door closed. Turn off the shower and close the door behind you, and some of the warmth will remain in the air making the room less chilly.

When you are giving a baby a sponge bath, you will not be submerging him in water. If the baby’s umbilical cord is still attached, you’ll want to take special care to keep this area very dry. Since most of his body will be out of the water, you will want to keep him covered as much as possible because babies can get cold very quickly. Start by washing your baby’s face gently with a soft washcloth and some plain water. You can use cotton balls to gently wipe the area around the eyes. Once his face, ears, and neck are clean, pat those areas dry.

Next, you can wash his hair. You’ll want to do your best to keep his head warm. Once you have washed and rinsed his hair, gently rub his head dry before moving on to the rest of the body. You can help your baby stay warm while you are washing him by keeping the parts you aren’t currently washing covered. Once you’ve washed one area, pat it dry, cover it back up and move on to the next. The diaper area should be the last area you wash.

Newborns and babies who are not yet crawling won’t be getting very dirty,so you may only need to bathe them a couple of times a week. If you live somewhere that becomes hot or humid, your baby may need to be bathed more often. Once your baby is mobile, he’s much more likely to need a bath on a daily basis. If he’s old enough to sit up in the tub, you won’t need to cover him during the bath because the water will keep him warm. You will still need to stay within reach at all times and make sure that the water level is never more than waist high.

My final tip for today is to enjoy your baby’s bath-time. During the bath, be sure to talk or sing to your baby. It’s a great time for bonding. It also helps the baby to be more comfortable with the bathing ritual. He’s going to have a lot of baths in his future, so it’s best if bath-time is fun. If you name the body parts as you are washing them, it won’t take long before he’ll be saying them right back to you.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed listening. Try to make time for a nice relaxing bath for yourself this week!

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This is your friend, the Mighty Mommy wishing you happy and fun parenting!

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