3 Tips for Handling the First Day of School

As millions of kids gear up for their first day of school, they're not the only ones who need to prepare. Here are 3 Modern Manners Guy tips for all you parents!

Richie Frieman
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Episode #308

Tip #3: Celebrate!

As I said in Tip #2, as parents, it’s our job to keep kids excited about school. Be it expressing how cool the playground is, or documenting their first day, everything school related is of the utmost importance--even though they may not feel the same way.

For example, when you ask 99% of kids how their day was, they’ll most likely say, “It was okay.” And if you dig further for details, they might only add, “I don’t remember.” The truth it, they do, but you’ll generally get better results asking your dog to do a backflip than questioning your kid about their day. So knowing this (as I said in Tip #2), you have to make the day (and really, every day) a big deal. One way to do this is to prepare a celebration for the first day.

Now, when I say a celebration, I don’t mean hiring a DJ and getting party favors. But do something. For us, we’re going to get ice cream. Easy enough, right? A quick $5 investment is well-worth the result of celebrating a milestone in my daughter’s life, and making her happy. She knows we’re going to do this, and is probably more excited about that than school!

Whatever you choose to do, when you tell your child you'll be doing something special for the first day of school, it will further hammer in the idea that education is always something worth celebrating.

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