6 Fun Activities for Parents When the Kids Go Back to School

In case you're wondering what you can do with all that "free" time on your hands now that the kids have gone back to school, Mighty Mommy can help. Here are six ways you can keep yourself entertained after the school bus drives off with your kids onboard.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #394

Back-to-school week is a rite of passage not only for your kids but for parents as well. Sure, we might be a tad worn down after 10 weeks of having our darling cherubs home 24/7, but there’s also something a bit surreal about facing the change that the quiet days ahead may hold. 

Now that your children are back in the throes of a seven-hour school day, do you find yourself wondering what on Earth you’re going to do with yourself?  Probably not, but just in case—Mighty Mommy has six fun treats in store for how you can spend your “lonely” days during this new school year.

Tip #1: Plan a Day Retreat—Alone!

That big yellow bus has just rumbled out of your neighborhood with your kids safely in tow—now what? The options really are endless, but why not start with a scheduled day retreat—just for you? You have at least six free hours so make the most of it. Hit the local library for a few hours of quiet bliss and peruse the aisles and pick up anything and everything that interests you.  Next up, head to the beach or your local park and sit quietly with a journal and a pen and record all your thoughts on being a parent. Savoring your favorite take-out food (regardless of whether it’s a sweet treat or a deli sandwich) is also a must. There are no rules for this quiet day of solitude except taking time to reconnect with yourself.

Tip #2: Get Reacquainted with Your Spouse

Back-to-school time affords couples some much needed time to reconnect—alone. Put your phone on silent, unplug your electronics, turn off the TV, and just “be” with one another.  Reminisce about how you first met and fell in love. Savor a few stolen moments of holding hands, enjoying a quiet lunch, or even going for a peaceful ride in your neck of the woods. Look at the positive: This is a time for you and your partner to rekindle your romance, have privacy in the house, travel, or get to know one another again.

Tip #3: Reach for the Stars

Make a list of things you always wanted to do but couldn’t because you were raising your kids. Maybe it’s learning to crochet, cooking gourmet, or gonig back to school yourself. You are never too old to learn.  Pick something that excites and motivates you and then dive right in.  Don’t limit yourself just because you are a parent: dream big and reach for the stars!


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