6 Key Ingredients For A Successful Morning Routine

How you start out in the morning can make or break how the rest of the day unfolds. With a new school year here, revamp your morning routine--or implement a new one--with Mighty Mommy's 6 key ingredients for a successful morning start.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #295

I have always been a firm believer that having set routines throughout our busy days can help determine how smoothly our lives flow. Even before I became the mom of 8 kids that are so close in age, I crafted routines for my work and home life so that I would not only stay more organized, but also so that I could have more free time to do things I enjoyed--such as power walking and gardening--rather than scrambling to get things done.

In a previous episode, How Routines Can Simplify Your Life, I laid out the importance of creating regular routines throughout the day. I received a lot of great feedback from the Mighty Mommy listeners about this episode, along with numerous questions about which routine is typically the best one to focus on in order to have the most positive impact on a family's lives.

Without question, I have found that having a strong morning routine in place can make the most positive difference in my family's day. How you start out in the morning can make or break the way everything else happens for the rest of the day, helping to set the tone for whether things falls smoothly into place, or go haywire until the day comes to a harried end.


Once you develop a solid routine that works for your family, don't be afraid to revisit how it's working, and tweak things as needed. As school schedules or career changes take place, or when a new baby is added to the mix, take some time to re-evaluate your routines and freshen them up, so they continue to work best for you and your family.

With a new school year here, this is a great time to revamp your morning routine or, if you don't already have one, implement a new one. Here are Mighty Mommy's 6 key ingredients for a successful morning routine:

Tip #1: Rise and Shine Before the Rest of the Family

I know we're not all morning people (myself included!), but if there is one habit that can create massive changes in your daily lifestyle, it's getting up before the rest of the family does.

For starters, you'll have the peace and quiet of the early morning to just "be" with your thoughts and to think clearly about the day ahead, without the craziness of dogs needing to be walked, kids waking up overtired and grumpy, and everything else in between. Even if it's only 1/2 hour to 45 minutes before everyone else rises, take advantage of this "alone" time to fuel your tank for a positive and productive day. 

I get up 45 minutes before the rest of my family, and I usually use this time to write, menu plan for the week, make grocery lists, or even have a hot cup of tea--alone--and visualize what I would like the day ahead to hold for my family.


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