6 Key Ingredients For A Successful Morning Routine

How you start out in the morning can make or break how the rest of the day unfolds. With a new school year here, revamp your morning routine--or implement a new one--with Mighty Mommy's 6 key ingredients for a successful morning start.

Cheryl Butler
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Just as important, I also keep a list of things I would like to avoid, and review these on a near daily basis

As an "on the go," full-time working mom of 8 kids, plus being active in our PTOs and church, I honestly couldn't survive without organized and structured lists. Several times a week, early in the morning, I review my lists to make sure I'm not forgetting any important tasks, appointments, bills to be paid, or anything else I feel is important to keep track of. I also keep track of my goals this way, as well.

Just as important, I also keep a list of things I would like to avoid, and review these on a near daily basis. It only takes me a few minutes to review my list of "Must Don'ts," and remind myself that I don't want to use my valuable time to get caught up in my social media friends' perfect lives, or how I don't want to be lazy and not get my exercise routines in each week, or to not make the best choices of foods for my diabetic lifestyle, etc.

Keeping track of your goals on paper and reviewing them on a regular basis at the start of your day--along with reviewing what you don't want to focus on--can really power up your day for a strong and positive start.

Key #5:  Connect in a Happy/Loving Way with your Children and Partner

When we are harried and rushed in the morning, we often race out the door in a huff and in a bad mood, because we don't have our acts together. But it you are able to spend your energy getting organized and on top of your game each and every morning, you'll have the time to do something very important each day: connect lovingly with your family. 

Instead of scurrying to find backpack items, lost sneakers, and wolfing down a brownie for breakfast, if you're organized and calm in the morning, you can take that time you would waste being flustered and insteead sit down and help your child lace his shoes, or tuck a love note into your spouse's briefcase. Get into the habit of letting your loved ones know that they mean the world to you, and that you'll be thinking about them throughout the course of the day. This instills an enormous amount of comfort in your kid's and spouse's lives!

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Key #6: Feel Gratitude

Practicing the act of being grateful for all the wonderful and basic things in your life can really change your perspective on the everyday grind. When you start your day by focusing on things that you feel gratitude for--a cozy home, healthy kids, a job that puts food on your table, the support of your own parents, a loving spouse--you can literally change the tone of your day.

I have a gratitude routine that I've been practicing for many years now. After the alarm goes off and I haved stretched and woken up, I lie still and give thanks for whatever comes to my mind that morning.  Some days I have a list a mile long; other days, I'm just grateful I was able to get up without hitting the snooze button a dozen times.

No matter the items on my gratitude list, it always helps shift my mindset from perhaps a tired, overwhelmed state to a more calm, "can do" attitude--a much better place from which to start my day. See also: 11 Ways to Raise Grateful Kids

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