10 Cures for Rainy Day Boredom

Rainy days can bring on boredom, crankiness, and hours that seem endless. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. 

Cheryl Butler
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Idea #6:  Alphabet Scavenger Hunt  

This is a fun activity for a rainy day at home and one of the pre-school teachers who contributed some ideas said she uses this in her classroom, or for familiarizing students with the classroom at the start of the school year. There is a box for each letter of the alphabet. Let your kids explore the house and find an item that starts with each letter, and write the name of the item in the corresponding box, which you may need to help them with if they aren’t writing yet. If the weather isn’t too bad, let them put their rain boots on and jump in a few puddles as they find items outside as well. Here's the free template on Pinterest.

Idea #7:  Make Funky Balloon Flip Flops

If you have tween and teen girls who love to do crafts, here’s an idea a crafter shared that she found on pinterest last year.  All you need are inexpensive flip flops and colorful balloons to create a stylish, fun pair of flip flops you can wear to the beach, the pool or just hang around the house in.  Our crafter shared that her students made nearly 100 pairs in different sizes and sold them at a local craft show.

Here’s a YouTube link that shows how to craft them!

Idea #8:  Have an Old-Fashioned Tea Party

There is something nostalgic and magical about having a tea-party in your living room or family room on a blah, rainy day.  Whether you have girls or boys, setting a fancy table with tea cups and little plates that you can serve sweet, little crust less sandwiches, cookies or other finger foods can usually draw smiles and oohs and ahhs when the natives get restless.  They can invite their favorite stuffed animals or dolls and dressing up with fun beads and fancy scarves and hats is an added bonus.

Idea #9:  Spa Day

A rainy day offers up the perfect opportunity to treat your kids and yourself to a mini spa day.  Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve had time to indulge in a hot bubble bath?  Schedule appointments to do each other’s nails, have a shampoo and blow-dry, and even do facials with your own homemade oatmeal mask concoctions. You can even give each other mini back rubs. Once everyone is nice and relaxed, cozy up on the couch and watch a favorite family movie together. And don’t forget the popcorn!     

Idea #10:  Play Interactive Online Games

Playing board games is always staple in our house on a day where we are either stuck inside due to bad weather or even have a sick child at home.  If your kids are more excited by electronic devices, however, there are many wonderful sites and apps that have educational and fun on-line games. 

Here are a few that some Mighty Mommy listeners have recommended. 

Up To Ten Games

Mattel.com Games

Funbrain.com Games

Learning games for Kids

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