30 Ways to Be Grateful for Family and Friends

Every day is a great opportunity to count your blessings and relish the simple joys of quality family time.

Cheryl Butler
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The concept of gratitude is such a beautiful way to embrace life every day. By taking the time to mindfully appreciate the many gifts that surround us on a regular basis, we can elevate the joy we feel regardless of our external circumstances.

In UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine, researcher Jeff Huffman says, “Gratitude can be an incredibly powerful and invigorating experience. There is growing evidence that being grateful may not only bring good feelings. It could lead to better health.”

Although Thanksgiving is upon us, any day is a great opportunity to count your blessings and relish the many simple but amazing things that grace our families every week. Here are 30 unique things to give thanks for.

  1. Hugging your partner or your child.
  2. The sound of loved ones laughing.
  3. Savoring your favorite comfort dish.
  4. A washer and dryer in your own home.
  5. Checking out your community library.
  6. The unconditional love of your pet.
  7. Meeting new mom friends via your child's school.
  8. A dentist that makes your child feel comfortable.
  9. Your best friend’s voice on the phone.
  10. Listening to holiday music with your family on a snowy December Eve.
  11. Enjoying bedtime stories with your kids.
  12. Eating a freshly baked cookie.
  13. Rejoicing when your child learns to tie his shoes.
  14. Having a date night with your spouse.
  15. Preparing a new dish for dinner that your family absolutely loves.
  16. Finding another family to carpool with.
  17. Hearing your pediatrician say your child has had another healthy check-up.
  18. Receiving mail from a faraway friend or relative.
  19. Admiring your son/daughter dressed for prom.
  20. Grandparents that love to babysit.
  21. Listening to your children giggling and not fighting.
  22. Roasting marshmallows at a BBQ with your kids.
  23. Matching all the socks in your load of laundry.
  24. Listening to your child learn to read.
  25. Snuggling with your newborn baby.
  26. A freshly vacuumed car.
  27. Seeing your college freshman for the first time since she’s left for school.
  28. Your first cup of morning coffee before the family awakes.
  29. Hearing your kids say "Please" and "Thank You" without being prompted.
  30. The gift of a brand new day and 24 hours to make it your own.

Our daily lives move quickly, but when we take a step back and focus on some of the simpler pleasures that we get to experience, we tend not to take them for granted and can then begin looking for even more ways to embrace the beautiful gift of gratitude.

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